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Macocha - cave Katerinska jeskyne - caves Punkevni jeskyne - Macocha

This route begins by the chalet Macocha, over the abyss of the same name. We leave the car in local large car park. We may enjoy the view of the abyss from outlook “Horni mustek”. If we want to visit caves Punkevni jeskyne during this outing, we must recomment to buy tickets in the local tourist centre. We avoid the long waiting for visits. We go slightly back and right along the yellow path from the chalet Macocha. It takes us to the car park by cave Katerinska jeskyne (1,8km). We pass Krenkuv pomnik during the wal, built as a memotial of the tourist Krenko, tortured to death by nacists. After eventual visit of the cave Katerinska jeskyne, we continue along a comfortable route to Skalni mlyn (mill) (2km). This circle is possible to start or finish here. There is an information office by Skalni mlyn, a hotel with restaurant and platform of sightseeing train to caves Punkevni jeskyne. From Skalni mlyn we go along a tiny route in the Punkva river valley (local blue signs and an educational trail). As we walk, we may admire some small caves and karst’s features. By the entrance to caves Punkevni jeskyne (3,4km) there are an information centre and a snack. The visit of caves Punkevni jeskyne and the bottom of the abyss Macocha may be finished by a sail on little boats. If you are tired out, walk back to the chalet Macocha and use the chair lift. If you are not, continue along a route to the crossroad “Pod Salmovkou” (4,2km). Now we turn to the right and quite sharply climb on the red path and green path to the viewing place “Dolni mustek” (4,7km) which is located about in the middle of the abyss Macocha’s height. A comfortable path with gentle steps leads back from here to the chalet Macocha.

Abyss Macocha
Cave Katerinska jeskyne
Caves Punkevni jeskyne