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Lednice - Valtice complex

The trip begins by the chateau Lednice. We walk through the park at first, along the educational trail to Minaret (2km), to the outlook-tower in Moresque style. From Minaret we go back to the chateau along the other route. From Lednice we head towards the square and Mlynsky rybnik (pond) along the road to Breclav. By the restaurant “Kormoran” we join on yellow path to the Apollon’s temple”, a pavilion with extension and viewing terrace (7km). This part of the yellow path follows an educational track. We walk along the bank to the crossroads with red signs. Here turn to the left to nearby Novy Dvur (9,5km), where we can see horses, and to the place “U Tri Gracii” a semicircular gallery with the statue of Tri Gracie made from one piece of stone (10,5km). But we continue along the red via Ladenska alej to Novogothic building representative an honour to St. Hubert (12km) connected to hunting. Still on the red one we get to the building called “Randez Vous”, which copies a Roman victorious arch. After few steps we come along back to the Ladenska alej and passing the chapel of St. Anna we get to the railway station in Valtice. We continue further to the square and around the church to the local chateau where this trip ends.
Chateau Lednice
Chateau valtice