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Pavlov - Devin - hill Stolova hora - Mikulov

The trip begins in the village Pavlov and continues along the green path up to the ruin of castle Divci hrad (1,2km). The route goes at first via vineyards, then through a wood. From Divci hrad we have to go back to the crossroads, from where we continue along the red path to the peak Devin (2,2km). From here go down along a stony path over Souteska to another crossroads with landing and next along the route to Pavlov. On this road we get to the village Kletnice (5km), where the red tourist path turns to the right and rise to ruin of castle Sirotci hrad (5,5km). From that ruin we head to hill Stolova hora (6,1km), to the centre of the natural preserve Tabulova. And we drop again, still on the red path, to the crossroads “Pod Tabulovou”, next one kilometre along the route and after the natural formation “Kocici skala” climb again through vineyards to the peak Turold (8,7km). The red signs lead us to the centre of Mikulov about a synagogue and Kozi hradek. The Mikulov centre is the end of our trip.
Ruin of castle Divci hrad
Natural preserve Devin
Ruin of castle Sirotci hrad
Chateau in Mikulov