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Vranov - dam Vranov - Svycarska bay - Vranov

This route begins on the square in Vranov nad Dyji. From the centre we set off over a bridge and along a road with the green signs to the dam Vranov (2km). We cross the pier to the other side and still along the green tourist path to the end of the Svycarska bay (4,5km). On that crossroad we go to the left via the Svycarsky river along the blue path. We have to rise over the valley at first and after drop to the Plaz camp. After that we walk back to the pier over the modern bridge at the Svycarska bay (7,5km) and along the green path we walk back to the square in Vranov nad Dyji. The trip can be finished by a visit of the local castle which is situated nearby.

Vranov nad Dyji
Bridge accross Svycarska bay