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Raztoka - Pustevny - Radhost - Pindula


The route begins in Trojanovice by the hotel Raztoka. There is also the bus stop of buses from Frendstat pod Radhostem. From there we slightly rise to the lower station of a chair lift by which we get to Pustevny. At that place we take a look round this unique set of folklore architecture. We continue up on the blue tourist path to the observation pavillon Cyrilka and to the upper part of one of local ski-courts. From there we go down to the statue of Radegast by A. Polasek, we still walk down to the saddle, than gently up by the hotel Radegast and to the top of Radhost where the chapel of St. Cyril and Metodej and their statue have been built. The ridge, we walk on, is the main European water-shed. Now we continue along blue and red path hardly down firstly along a ski course than gently through a wood and meadows, approximately two kilometres. We descent to the crossroad set under the Cerna hora mountain. Still on the blue we walk down to a wide wood path where we turn right to a crossroad. We go to the left along a track as far as the woody top of the Kani hill. We heavily drop along a stone route to a meadow, right and in the end to the left, to a route in the saddle Pindula to Zbojnicka koliba. There is a bus station with buses going back to Frenstat pod Radhostem.

Statue of god Radegast
Top of Radhost