Beskydy, Javorníky,
White Carpathians
Beskydy, Javorníky Mountains, White Carpathians
Beskidy, Jaworniki, Białe Karpaty
Beskydy, Javorníky, Bílé Karpaty
Beskiden, Gebirge Javorníky, Weiße Karpaten
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Mountains, White Carpathians

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Mountains, White Carpathians
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Beskydy are the largest mountains in West Carpathians in
Czech Republic area. Javorníky Mountains and
White Carpathians tied together to Beskydy at south.
Slovak border goes through their main ridge.

Tourist sights
Mountain Lysá hora
Horní Bečva
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Mountain Radhošť
Český Těšín
Velké Karlovice
Saddle Bumbálka
Dam Těrlicko
Mountain Javorový vrch
Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
Mountain Velký Javorník
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Weather and online cameras - Beskydy, Javorníky Mountains, White Carpathians
Weather and online cameras
Bathing water quality
Nový Hrozenkov - Štěrkoviště    water suitable for bathing
VN Bystřička    water suitable for bathing
VN Horní Bečva    water suitable for bathing
VN Luhačovice    sensuously apprehensible worsened water quality
Všemina    sensuously apprehensible worsened water quality
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Map of the area
Slovakian mountains and highlands

The Beskydy Mountains have been declared as protected nature area in the year 1973. The highest peak of Beskids in Czech republic is Lysa hora (1324m a.s.l.). Other significant peaks of Beskydy Mountains are legendary Radhost (1129m a.s.l.) with a statue of pagan god Radegast, Knehyne (1257m a.s.l.) or Smrk (1276m a.s.l.). There are numerous recreational facilities, hotels and cottages in the Beskydy Mounatains area. Javorniky Mountains are situated on the border between Czech Republic and Slovakia. The highest peak of Javorniky Mts. is Velky Javornik (1071m a.s.l.). The larger part of Javorníky Mountains is located on the Slovak side. Most attractive tourist places are for example Bumbalka or Kohutka - Portas. White Carpathians, the next border mountains, follows the Javorniky on the south. Specific conditions of life and the remoteness of many settlements in the White Carpathians led to the preservation of rich folklore traditions.

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