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Trip around Lopenik

The trip begins in the Mechnac village next to the recreation area Lopenik. The route in substance copies an educational trail. From the convalescence home Fruta we go on a road toward Brezova as far as we meet the first stop of the educational trail by a crossroads. This stop informs about the Bile Karpaty national park and the village Lopenik. We continue to the left passing the village chapel, then down the road to the next information board in the settlement Vrchy- U zvonice, where we get knowledge about the bell tower which is a local natural monument. The way afterward climbs on the hill Grun to the place, where we cross the Soliskovy potok stream- the table with information about the geology, the hydrology and the nature is set here. From this place we slightly drop to the next stop “U hluboke cesty”. Here we get some information about surrounding villages and wood herbs. Quite severe climb may surprise us here- below the hill Grun, where the information place about the mountain Velky Lopenik and a monument are situated. After that we go down on the yellow tourist path to a tiny crossroads, where we turn to the right to the recreation centre Lopenik. There is an information desk about a local architecture, typical buildings and recreation facilities. We can see here a magnificent, historically protected building No. 141 as well. After that we continue on the yellow path to next crossroads nearby Pricky, where the educational path leaves this narrow route. We turn to the right to the next stop. This schedule introduces the tradition of so-called “Kopanice”- tradition, field weed, revitalization. From here we already walk back to the village Mechnac.