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Funiculars and ski centres
Šumava mountains and Czech Forest


Ski centres

Ski resort Lipno
Type: Ski centre
Place: Lipno nad Vltavou
Ski centre in the village Lipno nad Vltavou on the norh side of dam lake Lipno is a modern ski centre for families and individuals. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced skiers..
Snow: 40 - 60 cm,
Type of snow: artificial, New snow: 5 cm, In operation
Ski resort Železná Ruda - Špičák
Type: Ski centre
Place: Špičák na Šumavě
The biggest ski zone in Czech part of Šumava mountains offers the best ski conditions in Šumava mountains.
Snow: 20 - 50 cm,
Type of snow: artificial, In operation
Ski resort Zadov - Churáňov
Type: Ski centre
Place: Zadov
One of the biggest ski centres of Šumava mountains. The most important centre for cross-country skiing in the Czech republic..
Snow: 35 - 45 cm,
Type of snow: artificial, In operation
Ski resort Kašperské Hory
Type: Ski centre
Place: Kašperské Hory
New ski centre, only 400m from the centre of town Kašperské Hory, offers skiing at 4 downhill courses with technical snow.
Snow: 10 - 30 cm,
In operation


Funicular Krasetín - Kleť
Type: Funicular
Place: Krasetín
Funicular from village Krasetín to the top of mountain Kleť, where you can visit the famous view-tower.
Funicular Špičák - Pancíř
Type: Funicular
Place: Špičák na Šumavě
First funicular in Šumava mountains, which goes from mountain Špičák to the top of Pancíř with halfway station Hofmanky.
Funicular to Churáňov
Type: Funicular
Place: Zadov
Funicular from Zadov to the top of mountain Churáňov near village Stachy.

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