Area of Jeseníky mountains is a demesne of fair game, but other species are frequent too. The main species of fair game are roebuck, hart and deer. You can see also chamois, fox, wild-boar, stoat or badger there. In the rivers live trout and grayling.

Chamois in Jeseníky mountains

Frequent are the mountain species of animals, for example squirrel, dormouse or marmot. Birds in Jeseníky mountains are firstly bullfinch, jay and woodpecker. A lot of predatory birds live there, for example buzzard, kestrel, sparrowhawk, rowan or raven. In the areas of mountain brooks nests rare black stork.

In the are of dwarf pine lives mountain titlark, hedge sparrow, red robin and many othe species of birds. In Jeseníky mountain nest the night birds too.

The rare animals are rodentes, amphibians as newt or salamander and snakes, for example viper, grass-snake or slowworm.

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