Jeseníky mountains, Rychleby mountains, Králický Sněžník

Jeseníky, Rychleby mountains, Králický Sněžník
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Bathing water quality
Funiculars and ski centres - Jeseníky mountains, Rychleby mountains, Králický Sněžník
Funiculars and ski centres
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Hruby Jesenik Mts., massif of Kralicky Sneznik and Rychleby Mts. exceed altitude 1000m a.s.l. Nizky Jeseník Mts. with the highest mountain Slunecna (798m a.s.l.) in the east forms the gently undulating plateau. The highest mountain in Moravia and Silesia - Praded (1492m a.s.l.) is located in the eastern part of Hruby Jesenik. Other significant peaks of Hruby Jesenik are Keprnik (1423m a.s.l.), Vysoka Hole (1464m a.s.l.) or Mravenecnik (1343m a.s.l.). Massif of Kralicky Sneznik (1424m a.s.l.) follows the Jeseniky Mts. on the west and forms, together with Rychleby Mountains, the border with Kłodzko in Poland. The highest peak of Rychleby Mountains is Smrk (1125m a.s.l.). Jeseniky Mountains provide ideal conditions for recreation, tourism and winter sports. The whole area of Jeseniky Mountains is crisscrossed by rich network of marked hiking routes and many recreational and sports centers.