Snow report Jeseníky mountains, Rychleby mountains, Králický Sněžník

Daily updated snow report from the ski resorts in the area of Jeseníky mountains, Rychleby mountains, Králický Sněžník

New snowNew snow
Snow typeSnow typeOperationOperationCableways<br/>liftsCableways
On-line cameraWeatherAnnaberg - Andělská hora-- - out of operation0/40 km from 3.2km (0/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherBranná-- - out of operation0/40 km from 2.2km (0/4)3.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerťák pod Pradědem-- - out of operation0/30 km from 2.6km (0/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherČervenohorské sedlo20-50-artificialin operation3/85km from 7.9km (5/9)1.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherFilipovice-- - out of operation0/30 km from 2.1km (0/3)3.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherHlubočky0-30-artificialout of operation0/40 km from 1.5km (0/6) -
 WeatherHraběšice30-50-artificialin operation2/20.75km from 0.75km (2/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherHrubá Voda40-60-artificialin operation3/50.4km from 2.9km (3/6) -
On-line cameraWeatherKarlov - Klobouk40-60-artificialin operation1/12/2 -
On-line cameraWeatherKarlova Studánka100- - in operation1/10 km from 0.55km (0/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherKladky20-50-frozenin operation2/30.45km from 0.71km (0/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherKlepáčov20- - in operation1/30 km from 1.24km (0/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherKopřivná10-50-granularin operation3/31.4km from 2.3km (1/2)4.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherKouty nad Desnou30-60-artificialin operation2/46.8km from 11.5km (5/11)4.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherM. Morávka - Karlov10-40-artificialin operation2/112.4km from 12.3km (3/16)3.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherMiroslav-- - out of operation0/30 km from 2.9km (0/5)2.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherOstružná20-50-artificialin operation3/41.1km from 2.5km (3/6)2.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherPetříkov Kaste-- - out of operation0/10 km from 1.7km (0/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherPraděd100-130-slushyin operation7/74.8km from 4.8km (9/9)1.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherPřemyslov-- - out of operation0/30 km from 2.4km (0/4)4.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherRamzová-- - out of operation2/40 km from 8.4km (0/6)2.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherStará Ves40-60- - out of operation0/20 km from 1.1km (0/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherTošovice-- - out of operation0/90 km from 1.4km (0/7)5.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherVernířovice10-30-artificialin operation1/30.1km from 3.2km (1/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherZlaté Hory - Dolní Údolí-- - out of operation0/20 km from 1.6km (0/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherDolní Morava20-55-wetin operation6/84.4km from 10.1km (5/11)2.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherKraličák-- - out of operation0/60 km from 9.5km (0/13)2.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherKunčice - SKITECH-- - out of operation0/40 km from 4.5km (0/7) -
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Source: © Sitour CZ and ski resort operators

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