History of the Jeseníky mountains

First written information about Jeseníky mountains has been from the era of Ptolemaios from 3rd century. This area was called Askiburgion at his map. Slavonic habitation was first mentioned by Roman historian Prokopius in 6th century.

Ruin of castle Nový hrad

In period of Břetislav I. was the country saved contrary to raids from north by proof forests and several saveguarding castles, for example Kladsko, Javorník and others.

Since 13rd century was the area colonized with german inhabitants and were originated towns as Bruntál, Šumperk or Jeseník. Centre of authority started to be castles.

Chateau Jánský vrch

Significant statements we have from period os Hussite specially about their campaign to Poland. Important for area of jeseníky mountains were battles between Jiří from Poděbrady and hungarian Matyáš in second part of 15th century. Many castles were ruined in this period.

Mining activity and cut of wood made for development of glass-manufacture and production of paper. Paper manufacture in Velké Losiny has functioned since the year 1516 up to the present day.

Next important incident were "witch suits", when clerical inquisitors denounced to death on balefire about 50 innocent peoples. On of the places of wizard sabbaths were for example rocks Petrovy kameny.

In period of Austrian emperor Marie Terezie Prussian king Bedřich II. fight out Kladsko and genetic parts of Silesia.

In the 19th century started a development of industry, especially mining, weaving and glass industrie.

Already in the year 1904 originated first nature preserve in Jeseníky mountains called Lichtenštějnský forest. Since this time originated a lot of reserves, which have protected nature of these Moravian mountains.

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