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Nature trail Bílá Opava

   Nature trail Bílá Opava is beautiful and touristic interesting way around the waterfalls of river Bílá Opava. This trail starts near the Ovčárna on the yellow tourist way and finishes in small spa town Karlova Studánka. You can walk through this nature trail also with our virtual routes HERE. Besides of several waterfalls and steps, rock formations and romantic spruce forest the nature trail offers also 5 informative panels with information about nature in this unique preserve.


   1. informative panel
The nature trail goes through several vegetative levels. These are: parking border of wood above the chalet Barborka and on slopes of mountain Praděd, sub-alpine vegetative level with man planted dwarf pine, mountain vegetative level of spruce and beech forest. This trail goes also through the most beautiful valley of Jeseníky mountains.

2. informative panel - Big waterfall
Height of waterfall is 7,9m. The torrent overcomes difference in altitude 16,4m on lap of 40m. You can see the "giant ewers" - the stone formations under the waterfalls. These formations occurs for example in river Mumlava in Giant mountains or in river Vydra in Šumava mountains. In jeseníky mountains there are these formations unique. The stones in river-basin are overgrown with many kinds of alga.

3. informative panel - Small waterfall
You can see there the heterogeneousness of geological construction of valley. Its lower and middle parts are created by quartzite, the upper part by gneiss.

4. informative panel
The river Bílá Opava springs in saddle between rocks Petrovy kameny and mountain Praděd in 1280 m. above sea level. Than it flows through Karlova Studánka and in Vrbno pod Pradědem falls to river Střední Opava in 544m above sea level. Its length is only 13,2km.

5. informative panel
The natere preserve Bílá Opava was established in the year 1963 and its area is about 280ha. Today it takes a part of nature preserve Praděd. In this preserve there are saved the primary growth of mountain spruce forest and rests of primary alder forest.