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Naturer trail preserve Velká Kotlina

   Nature trail Velká kotlina (Big fold) is with its flora nad fauna one of the most important places in central Europe. It starts above the village Karlov pod Pradědem and on blue tourist way goes to crossroads Ovčárna. Both of places are available by bus. You can walk through this nature trail also with our virtual routes HERE.

Nature trail is created by 6 informative tables, many covers and settees.


   1. informative table
Velká kotlina is one of the most famous and prowed botanical habitat in Czech republic. You can found there about 180 types of plants. Vegetation formers unique mixture. Many mountain, sub-alpine, arkto-alpine and lowland plants growth there.

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Dominant mineral in valley is grafitic fylit. In ice-age there are glacier. It formered the bed of valley. In its lower part you can see two detritushedges - glacial moraines. The physique of Velká kotlina works also falling snow-slips.

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You can see the whole cirque in valley. Several important places are named by famous scientists. Snow-lips falls here several times in the year. Thanks these snow-slips the upper parts of slopes are bare and stony, the lower parts rich of growth.

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Other important factor in valley is water. There are 45 springs. The most watery is the spring of river Moravice. This river outflows from valley as full-strenght river. On spring areas there growth several specific vegetable guilds.

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The Velká kotlina valley was formered also by man in the past. Man beded out the dwarf pine and it grows over the original flora. In this place you can see the typical alpine border of wood - groups of small wether-beaten spruces.

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The sense of this nature preserve consists in affluence of fauna and flora. It is called zoological and botanical gardens of Jeseníky mountains. The nature trail goes through the centre of preserve and you can walk only on tourist ways.