Jeseníky mountains are great at treasure of plants. This treasure is due to diference in elevation and variety of landscape. More than 50% of area are wooden, which are different according to the sea level. The forest was in the past changed by glass-maufactures and farming. Mixed woos are proved only on several areas. Since the year 1886 man have bushed dwarf-pines on groveless places.


The highest mountains (Praděd, Keprník and Králický Sněžník) and some other place were always groveless. There growth flora of quaternary glacier, for example fruticose wilow and many mountain types as windflower, niggerhead and others.

Very plentiful flora occurs in spring areas and peat bogs.

In the foothill there are many natural meadows with rare plants. Very extensive are plants, which were bet out by man in the past. For example bloody finger.

On the score natural trasure ware a lot of areas proclaimed to Natural reserves and tourists can walk there only on marked ways. There is several instructive routes with informative tables.

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