This area was first settled by people of urn fields (1200 - 1500 years B.C.), alter by Kelts (4th century B.C.). First villages was made by Teutons in 2nd century A.D. Their settlement was changed by Slavonic tribes. To the end of millenium was the area only sporadic settled. As the frontier area there was often a place of war and distemper.

In the Middle Ages started to originate first regent clans and dominations. It was at first the clans of Markvartic´s, Vartenberk´s and Berka´s of Dubá. This was the era of second settlement of the area.

During the Thirty Years War the armies several plundered the area. After the declaration of Tolerant patent of religious liberty in the year 1781 the are was settled by Protestant tradesmen. In the 19th century started the industrialization of glass and textile manufactures. The area was one of the most industrialized in Autria-Hungary Monarchy.

Thanks the boom of tourism the area of Czech Switzerlad has developed. After the origin of Czechoslovakia in the year 1918 started to deep the national tangles between Czech and german inhabitants. After the year 1938 the area was a part of Hitler´s Germany. After the World War II the development of area was interupted by displacement of German inhabitants.

Today the new development of area started again, mainly thank of tourism. The area of Czech Switzerland was proclaimed as National Park in the year 2000. Lusatian mountains have bee State Protected Area since the year 1964.

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