Lusatian mountains, Czech Switzerland
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Guide - Lusatian mountains and Czech Switzerland
Czech Switzerland has been the National Park from the year 2000. The most attractive parts of Czech Switzerland are sandstone rock areas. Lusatian Mountains with typical relief tied together to the Czech Switzerland on the east.
Mapa regionu
Map of the area
National park Czech Switzerland was established in 2000. It is followed by National park Sachsische Schweiz on german side, where we can find bigger part of this area. The highest peak of Czech Switzerland is Decinsky Sneznik (726m a.s.l.). Tourist most attractive area in Czech Switzerland are Sandstone rocks, which in several places form an extensive rock cities, for example Tisa, Ostrov or Jetrichovice. Area of Lusatian Mountains is followed by Czech Switzerland and ends in the east of Liberec. Lusatian Mountains are not too high, their relief is formed by elongated ridges and conical or cumulous hills. The highest peak of Lusatian Mountains is Luz (793m a.s.l.), other significant peaks are Jedlova (774m a.s.l.), Klic (760m a.s.l.) or Hvozd (750m a.s.l.).