In this area dominate the man-setted spruce monocultures, sometimes mixed with pine. Original mixed forests, which are typical in the past, are prowed in some hard accessible places of Czech Switzerland and the highest parts of Lusatian mountains. On the edges of forests is common the growth of birch. Today the foresters have started to plant the larch and beech.

One of rare plants

The area of Sandstones of Elbe is relatively poor thanks the subsoil. The inversion in some deep canyons creates the conditions for rare sub-mountain and mountain kinds of plants, mosses and lichens.

The area of Lusatian mountains is more varied. Tanks the diversity of geological subsoil there growth many interesting plants. The banks of stagnant water areas there is common the yellow iris.

The flora was negativelly affected by extensive melioration and reclamation of landscape. Today this situation starts to improve thanks the protection of nature.

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