Pec pod Sněžkou - SkiResort

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Location and access
Ski centre is situated in eastern part of Giant mountains, under the highest czech mountain Sněžka (1603m), in valley of rivers Úpa, Zelený potok and Luční potok. You can come by car or by bus. Large parking place in the centre of town (for 600 cars). Parking place for extra fee. During the season ski buses are provided to shuttle people among the ski resorts of SkiResort ČERNÁ HORA - PEC.
Equipment and services
The ski resort, which is the largest in area. The downhill slopes are particularly popular with families and children because of the wide range of choices, with range from training meadows to challenging runs. In the evening hours, 3 ski lifts with artificial lighting are in operation-one of which is Javor, the longest and best illuminated downhill slope in the Czech Republic. Visitors are provided access to all places in the resort by means of a single magnetic card. For snowboarding enthusiasts, a large funpark is available season-long.

SKIRESORT ČERNÁ HORA - PEC POD SNĚŽKOU is a ski resort with universal tickets for the ski resorts in Janske Lazne, Pec pod Snezkou, Velka Upa, Cerny Dul, Svoboda nad Upou and Mala Upa. SkiResort Cerna Hora - Pec pod Snezkou offers up to 44 kilometers of various ski terrains with 8 chair lifts and 28 ski lifts, where every skier and snowboarder finds their own.