Cottage Karlovka

Prices of accommodation and boarding

Winter season - prices
18.12.-25.12. + 1.1.-30.3.
Room No.1 ... 1360 CZK/day
Room No.2 ... 1360 CZK/day
Room No.3A ... 1360 CZK/day
Room No.3B ... 420 CZK/day
Room No.4 ... 880 CZK/day
Room No.5A ... 1360 CZK/day
Room No.5B ... 420 CZK/day

Rent the whole cottage/day ... 5700 CZK
Rent the whole cottage/week ... 31500 CZK
Summer season - prices
Room No.1 ... 1150 CZK/day
Room No.2 ... 1150 CZK/day
Room No.3A ...1150 CZK/day
Room No.3B ... 350 CZK/day
Room No.4 ... 600 CZK/day
Room No.5A ...1150 CZK/day
Room No.5B ... 350 CZK/day

Rent the whole cottage/day ... 5200 CZK
Rent the whole cottage/week ... 24000 CZK
Out of season - prices
Room No.1 ... 900 CZK/day
Room No.2 ... 900 CZK/day
Room No.3A .. 900 CZK/day
Room No.3B ...300 CZK/day
Room No.4 ... 500 CZK/day
Room No.5A ... 900 CZK/day
Room No.5B ... 300 CZK/day

Rent the whole cottage/day ... 4700 CZK
Rent the whole cottage/week ... 19000 CZK
For one night the price increases by 50%.
Last minute - order 14 days before arrival - the price is reduced by 25%.
Other information:
Room No.1 - quadruple with own toilet and sink.
Room No.2 - quadruple with own toilet, sink, shower.
Accommodation unit 3 - consists of two separate rooms 3A and 3B with own washbasin with hot water.
Room No.3A - quadruple with sink.
Room No.3B - double with sink.
Room No. 4 - triple with sink.
Accommodation unit No. 5 - consists of two separate rooms 5A and 5B with own washbasin with hot water and toilet.
Room No.5A - quadruple with sink and toilet together with 5B.
Room No.5B - double with sink and toilet together with 5A.
Accommodation without boarding. Possibility to use the kitchen - part of the common room. There is a large fridge and boiler for the lower floor of the cottage. In the kitchen there are two sinks, two four-plate cooktops, microwave and kettle. The line is fully equipped with small and large plates, ceramic and plastic bowls, glass mugs and ceramic mugs. Of course there are plenty of stainless steel cutlery, pans, saucepans and pots.
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Why is the accommodation on our servers the cheapest?
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    Always inform the owner that you are contacting him via the server Czech mountains.
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  • Wide choice of accommodation Projects of eProgress currently represent more than 17 thousand accommodation capacities in the Czech mountains, Slovakia, Croatia, the Alps or Italy.
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