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Snow report Jizera mountains and Ještěd ridge

Daily updated snow report from the ski resorts in the area of Jizera mountains and Ještěd ridge

New snowNew snow
Snow typeSnow typeOperationOperationCableways<br/>liftsCableways
On-line cameraWeatherBedřichov-- - out of operation0/70 km from 4.5km (0/10)3.7°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerná Říčka20-70-artificialin operation2/32km from 2.6km (3/5)4.7°C
On-line cameraWeatherJeštěd10-60-artificialin operation2/111.8km from 10.5km (2/14)4.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherJosefův Důl-- - out of operation0/50 km from 2.1km (0/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherKořenov - Příchovice30-70-artificialin operation2/31.9km from 3.4km (3/6)4.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherKořenov - Rejdice35-55-artificialin operation1/31.4km from 2.3km (2/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherObří sud Javorník-- - out of operation0/30 km from 0.9km (0/3)6.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherPlavy-- - out of operation0/20/3 -
On-line cameraWeatherSeverák-- - out of operation0/110 km from 4.2km (0/12)3.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherSmržovka - Filip15-25-artificialout of operation0 - -
On-line cameraWeatherTanvaldský Špičák20-60-artificialin operation5/94.9km from 8.2km (6/10)3.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherZlatá Olešnice-- - out of operation0/20/3 -
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Source: © Sitour CZ and ski resort operators

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