Jizera mountains
Ještěd ridge

Jizera mountains and Ještěd ridge
Góry Izerskie oraz Grzebień Jeszczedski
Jizerské hory a Ještědský hřbet
Isergebirge und Kamm des Ještěd
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Ještěd ridge
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Jizera Mountains and Jested Ridge are important recreation
areas of the Czech Republic. In summer Jizera Mountains
offer ideal conditions for hiking and cycling, in the winter
for cross-country and downhill skiing.

Tourist sights
View-tower Ještěd
View-tower Štěpánka
Josefův Důl
View-tower Tanvaldský Špičák
View-tower Černá Studnice
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Snow report - Jizera mountains and Ještěd ridge
Snow report
ResortSnow pack
(Lifts in
Bedřichov20 - 60powderyIn operation (7)
Ještěd20 - 40powderyIn operation (3)
Tanvaldský Špičák40 - 90slushyIn operation (6)
Černá Říčka30 - 70powderyIn operation (2)
Kořenov - Rejdice55 - 90powderyIn operation (2)
Severák40 - 90frozenIn operation (8)
Plavy40 - 50powderyOperation Sa-Su (1)
Smržovka - Filip50 - 70powderyIn operation (1)
Josefův Důl30 - 50slushyIn operation (3)
Kořenov - Příchovice25 - 65powderyIn operation (3)
Obří sud Javorník50 - 70artificialIn operation (2)
Zlatá Olešnice--Out of operation (0)
(This snow report was generated at 19.01.18 8:32)
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Jizera Mountains and Jested Ridge decay at very north of the Czech Republic. Part of the Jizera Mountains with the highest peak Wysoka Kopa is located in Poland. The highest Peak of the Jizera Mountains on Czech side is Smrk (1124m a.s.l.). Nature of the Jizera Mountains is fascinated by it's rough nordic landscape and plenty of beautiful places with unique natural creations. You can find numerous of peat-bogs and areas covered with pine woods forming the forest. Jizera Mountains and Jested Ridge are famous recreational areas. They provide great conditions for hiking and cycle tours. In winter time Jizera Mountains and Jested Ridge become a popular place for skiers, which attract them for their large amount of cross county trails and ski slopes in the center of Jizera Mountains and Jested Ridge.

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