Pension Svornost

Prices of accommodation and boarding

Winter season - prices
2 bed room - half board: 580,- CZK, full board: 660,- CZK
3 bed room - half board: 870,- CZK, full board: 990,- CZK
4 bed room - half board: 1160,- CZK, full board: 1320,- CZK
8 bed room - half board: 2320,- CZK, full board: 2640,- CZK

Hut - half board: 2610,- CZK, full board: 2970,- CZK

Prices are for a room (hut) per day.
Summer season - prices
2 bed room - accommodation: 300,- CZK, with breakfast: 360,- CZK, full board: 420,- CZK
3 bed room - accommodation: 450,- CZK, with breakfast: 540,- CZK, full board: 630,- CZK
4 bed room - accommodation: 600,- CZK, with breakfast: 720,- CZK, full board: 840,- CZK
8 bed room - accommodation: 1200,- CZK, with breakfast: 1440,- CZK, full board: 1680,- CZK

Chata - accommodation: 1350,- CZK, with breakfast: 1620,- CZK, full board: 1890,- CZK

Prices are for a room (hut) per day.
We offer stay for group of people with interesting discount. You can use our lecture room (cafeteria) with capacity of 40 places or club room with 12 places. This offer is interesting for childs collective too. The capacity of our penzion is to 44 places. The surroundings offers you possibility to spend your winter or summer holiday.
Consuming is possible by the form of breakfast, half board or full board. The cafeteria is situated in the main building. You can buy drinks, ice, creckers, cigarets, etc.