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Ore mountains
Krušné hory
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Ore Mountains form a continuous 130km long mountain
range. The ridge of Ore Mountains formers natural border
between Bohemia and Germany. The highest peak of
Ore Mountains is Klinovec (1244m a.s.l.)

Tourist sights
Mountain Klínovec
Boží Dar
Rocks Svatošské skály
Ostrov nad Ohří
Dlouhá Louka
Carlsbad - Karlovy Vary
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Snow report - Ore mountains
Snow report
ResortSnow pack
(Lifts in
Boží Dar - Neklid30 - 50artificialIn operation (6)
Klínovec90 - 120artificialIn operation (8)
Bouřňák15 - 70frozenIn operation (5)
Bublava50 - 90slushyIn operation (7)
Telnice30 - 50slushyIn operation (5)
Dlouhá Louka - Osek55 - 70frozenIn operation  
Fichtelberg70slushyIn operation (7)
Klíny20 - 40wetIn operation (3)
Boží Dar - Novako90 - 130slushyIn operation (4)
Český Jiřetín30 - 60slushyIn operation (1)
Plešivec - Abertamy70 - 120artificialIn operation (5)
SKI Komáří vížka40 - 50 - In operation (3)
Pernink Velflink60 - 90powderyIn operation (3)
(This snow report was generated at 23.02.17 14:53)
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Map of the area
Slovakian mountains and highlands

On German side Ore Mountains slowly fall into lowland and on the Czech side they decline much steeper. Difference of heights and foot platforms of Ore Mountains is 700m. Intense volcanic activity in the past brought to Ore Mountains rich in metallic ores and medical sources, which gave rise to spa areas. For those who love winter sports Ore Mountains bring great conditions for winter activities. Center of winter recreation of Ore Mountains are for example Klinovec, Bozi Dar, Jachymov, Kovarska, Kraslice, Pernink, Abertamy, Cinovec, Telnice, and many others. Ore Mountains offer many opportunities for summer recreation, hiking, or cycling tours.

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