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White Carpathians (Bile Karpaty)

The White Carpathians natural park lies in three wholes - the White Carpathians mountains, the Dolnomoravsky uval ravine and the Vizovicka vrchovina hills. White Carpathians geologically belongs to West Carpathians, which are a part of middle-Europe alphids. The basic characters of this landscape are broken terrains and very fluctuating amplitude of the relief, inclination of areas and elevation above sea level. The White Carpathians mountains generate the centre line prolonged lengthways a border from the Southwest to the Northeast. The range begins in the Zalhoticka vrchovina hills towards the northeast where it continues to the Javorinska hornatina mountains with the highest point of White Carpathians - the Velka Javorina mountain (970m). Specific life conditions in Bile Karpaty and remoteness of some hamlets led to maintenance of plentiful folklore tradition.

List of places

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Places for bathing

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Recommended routes

From village Javornik to Filipovske valley and hill Sibenicky vrch
                    Javornik-2km-hamlet, Valley Filipovske udoli-2km-cottage Lisci bouda-1km-cottage Megovka-2km- Kubikuv hill-0,5km-Mountain Sibenicky vrch (total 7,5km)
From Stary Hrozenkov village via Vyskovec to mountain Mikulcin vrch
                    Stary Hrozenkov-1km-Rovné-2,5km-hill Zar-1,5km-Monument of american pilots-1km-Vyskovec-0,7km-hill Rapantuv vrch-1,3km-Mountain Mikulcin vrch (total 8km)
Trip around Lopeník
                    Mechnac-Vrchy-Grun-route Zlata cesta-Lopenik-Mechnac (total about 7km)

Cycling routes

From Velká nad Veličkou to NPA Bílé Karpaty
Velká nad Veličkou - Javorník - Liščí bouda - Šibenický vrch - Velká Javorina - Vápenky - Velká nad Veličkou (total 52,5km)
Through vineyards area of South Morava
Kyjov - Milotice - Dubňany - Hodonín - Rohatec - Strážnice - Bzenec - Vracov - Kyjov (total 65,7km)
Around Bojkovice- To Mikulčin vrch and back
Bojkovice - Komňa - Motorest - Mikulčin vrch - Rovné - Žitková - křiž. na Pitín - Pitín - Bojkovice (total 34,5 km)

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