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121 - 132 from 132 objects


Chair lift Ráztoka - Pustevny
Type: Funicular
Place: Pustevny
Chair lift situated 6 km from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. It goes from Ráztoka (620 m n.m.) to Pustevny (1020 m n.m.).
Funicular to Komáří vížka
Type: Funicular
Place: Bohosudov
Chair funicular goes from village Bohosudov to the top of mountain Komáří hůrka (809 m). The chair funicular is 2348m long and the rise is 482m
Funicular Harrachov
Type: Funicular
Place: Harrachov
Chair lift from Harrachov to the top of Čertova mountain.
Funicular Jáchymov - Klínovec
Type: Funicular
Place: Jáchymov
Chair funicular to the top of highest mountain of ore mountains – Klínovec from Jáchymov
Cabin lift Janske Lazne - Cerna hora
Type: Funicular
Place: Janské Lázně
Cabin lift for 8 persons at mountain Cerna hora, called „CERNOHORSKY EXPRESS“.
Funicular Krasetín - Kleť
Type: Funicular
Place: Krasetín
Funicular from village Krasetín to the top of mountain Kleť, where you can visit the famous view-tower.
Funicular Skalka
Type: Funicular
Place: Liberec
Chair lift (four seats) at the peak of Ještěd, which transport also bikes
Funicular Ramzová - Šerák
Type: Funicular
Place: Ramzová
Chair funicular from village Ramzová to the top of mountain Šerák with halfway station at Černava.
Funicular Špičák - Pancíř
Type: Funicular
Place: Špičák na Šumavě
First funicular in Šumava mountains, which goes from mountain Špičák to the top of Pancíř with halfway station Hofmanky.
Funicular INOGY LINE Svatý Petr - Pláň
Type: Funicular
Place: Špindlerův Mlýn
Chair lift in Špindlerův Mlýn, which goes from ski centre Svatý Petr to the top of mountain Přední Planina
Funicular Špindlerův Mlýn - Medvědín
Type: Funicular
Place: Špindlerův Mlýn
Funicular from the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn to the top of mountain Medvědín.
Funicular Zadov – Kobyla
Type: Funicular
Place: Zadov
Four-chairs cable car Zadov - Kobyla - ideal transport to the view tower on the ski jump or to overcome the highest elevation and continue on some of bike paths

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