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Funiculars and ski centres
Beskydy, Javorníky Mountains, White Carpathians



Chair lift Ráztoka - Pustevny
Type: Funicular
Place: Pustevny
Chair lift situated 6 km from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. It goes from Ráztoka (620 m n.m.) to Pustevny (1020 m n.m.).

Ski centres

Ski resort Bílá
Type: Ski centre
Place: Bílá
Important ski centre in Beskydy mountains, on the slopes of mountain Zbojnická (776 m). Technical snow, night skiing, beautiful cross-country tracks.
Out of operation
Ski Centrum Kohútka
Type: Ski centre
Place: Kohútka
The ski centre in Javorníky mountains, in the border mountain-ridge between Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Snow: 10 cm,
Out of operation
Resort Pustevny
Type: Ski centre
Place: Pustevny
Resort in the area of Radhošť´s montainous country, 6km far from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm.
In operation
Skicentre Soláň - Sedlo
Type: Ski centre
Place: Soláň
Ski centre on the edge of Vsetínské mountains. Downhill routes are ideal for beginners and also for advanced skiers.
Ski Centre Troják
Type: Ski centre
Place: Troják
Ski centre in the so-called saddle on the borber among the regions Kroměříž, Vsetín and Zlín. Three ski lifts Tatrapoma and two children lifts. Ski centre is ideal for families with children, beginners and also for advanced skiers.
Ski resort Razula
Type: Ski centre
Place: Velké Karlovice
Well equipped ski centre offers modern ski lift Doppellmayr. Slopes are technically snowed and constantly looked after. Night skiing.
Out of operation
Ski Kasárne Javorníky
Type: Ski centre
Place: Makov Kasárne
Ski centre in Javorníky mountains, on the border between Moravia and Slovakia, in altitude 1000m above sea level. Ideal for beginners and also for advanced skiers.
Ski resort Jezerné
Type: Ski centre
Place: Jezerné
Ski resort Jezerné is located near Velké Karlovice. The area offers 2 ski slopes - easy and medium difficulty, which are suitable for families with children.
Out of operation
Ski resort Újezd u Valašských Klobouk
Type: Ski centre
Place: Újezd u Valašských Klobouk
The ski area in the village of Újezd u Valašských Klobouk is ranked among the slopes of medium difficulty. It is especially suitable for families with children and beginners.
Out of operation
Ski Pozděchov
Type: Ski centre
Place: Pozděchov
The Pozděchov ski slope is located in the highest part of the Vizovice Highlands at an altitude of 570-650m above sea level. It is especially suitable for recreational skiing, families with children, skiing and snowboarding lessons.
Out of operation