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Funiculars and ski centres
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Ski centres

Ski resort Klínovec
Type: Ski centre
Place: Klínovec
The biggest ski centre of Ore mountains on slopes of mountain Klínovec, near the state border with Germany. From the 2018 year it is connected with neigbouring resort Boží Dar – Neklid.
Snow: 50 - 70 cm,
Type of snow: frozen, In operation
Ski Centre Bublava - Stříbrná
Type: Ski centre
Place: Bublava
An intimate and compact, modernly equipped ski area with pistes of all levels of difficulty, technical snow, snowboard park and all the accompanying services. The resort is ideal for families with children and ski training. It is one of the cheapest among comparable areas.
Out of operation
Sport Resort Klíny
Type: Ski centre
Place: Klíny
Family ski resort located in the eastern part of the Ore Mountains, only 6 km from Litvínov or 90 km from Prague. It offers visitors 5 technically snow-covered slopes of easy and medium difficulty.
Out of operation
Ski Bouřňák
Type: Ski centre
Place: Mikulov
Sport centre Bouřňák between the villages Mikulov and Moldava in Krušné mountains. The centre provides 6 pistes. The children ski piste Údolíčko and ski schools are placed in Mikulov. Daily operating time of ski lifts.
Ski resort Fichtelberg
Type: Ski centre
Place: Oberwiesenthal
The ski resort with more than 13 km of slopes, mostly easy to medium difficult. For skiers and snowboarders, there is a fun park, a halfpipe and a training slope. Demanding skiers will certainly also appreciate the black slope 1.2 km long.
Snow: 70 - 80 cm,
Type of snow: artificial, In operation
Ski resort Plešivec
Type: Ski centre
Place: Pstruží
The Ore Mountains ski resort Plešivec is the youngest and most modern resort in the Czech Republic. The area has three four-seater cable cars with a high transport capacity - each transports up to 2.400 people per hour, there are also eight slopes with a total length of up to 12km
Out of operation
Ski centre Telnice
Type: Ski centre
Place: Zadní Telnice
This easternmost skiing centre in the Ore Mountains boasts a rich tradition of downhill skiing. It is located only 18 km from sity Usti nad Labem.
Out of operation
Ski resort Novako Boží Dar
Type: Ski centre
Place: Boží Dar
The ski arena is designed primarily for beginners, families with children and seniors.
Snow: 40 - 60 cm,
In operation
Ski resort Český Jiřetín
Type: Ski centre
Place: Český Jiřetín
The ski resort is located in the Ore Mountains, near the town Litvínov. The resort consists of four ski slopes and there are two parking lots.
Out of operation
Cross-country skiing resort Dlouhá Louka
Type: Ski centre
Place: Dlouhá Louka - Osek
Widely visited cross-country skiing area near the village Dlouhá Louka - Osek at an altitude of 872 m above sea level.
Snow: 0 - 10 cm,
Type of snow: -, In operation
SKI Komáří vížka
Type: Ski centre
Place: Krupka
Ski resort near the village Krupka. This family-run ski resort offers 3 slopes of blue difficulty.
Ski resort Loučná
Type: Ski centre
Place: Loučná pod Klínovcem
Ski resort is located near the Klínovec ski resort. The resort offers two ski lifts and three pistes of blue difficulty.
Ski resort Mezihoří
Type: Ski centre
Place: Mezihoří
Ski resort Mezihoří is located in the village of the same name. Thanks to the undemanding terrain, the resort is especially suitable for intermediate skiers.
Nejdek cross-country skiing area
Type: Ski centre
Place: Nejdek
More than 60 km of groomed cross-country skiing trails in the most beautiful corner of the Ore Mountains.
Ski resort Nové Hamry
Type: Ski centre
Place: Nové Hamry
Nové Hamry is a popular recreational place due to good skiing conditions for both downhill and cross-country skiing.
SKIPOT Potůčky
Type: Ski centre
Place: Potůčky
Ski resort in the picturesque village Potůčky on the Czech-German border. Children's ski slope, ski slope for extreme skiing, night skiing, perfect facilities and high quality services.
Snow: 40 - 70 cm,
Type of snow: artificial, In operation
Ski resort Pyšná
Type: Ski centre
Place: Pyšná
Ski Resort is located in the Ore Mountains. Beginners, families with children and skilled skiers will enjoy themselves here.
Ski resort Boží Dar
Type: Ski centre
Place: Boží Dar
The Boží Dar ski resort was created by connecting the Hranice and Za Prahou ski resorts. ou can now enjoy both skiing and snowboarding for a single price covering both resorts
Out of operation
Ski resort Alšovka
Type: Ski centre
Place: Měděněc
Ski resort suitable for beginner skiers and families with children. The resort has two lifts, three slopes and a snow park.
Snow: 0 - 40 cm,
Type of snow: artificial, Out of operation
Pernink Ski Resort - Nádraží
Type: Ski centre
Place: Pernink
Ski resort Pod nádražím is located in the village Pernink and offers 3 ski lifts.
Ski resort Aš
Type: Ski centre
The Aš ski resort is located on the Háj hill. The resort offers 2 ski lifts TATRAPOMA H60 and TATRAPOMA H 80 with a capacity of 1800 people/hour, 3 pistes of easy and medium difficulty.
Out of operation
Ski resort Merklín
Type: Ski centre
Place: Merklín
Ski resort Merklín is located in the village of the same name. It offers one ski lift and slopes with night skiing.
Ski resort Náprava
Type: Ski centre
Place: Nové Město
Náprava Ski Resort is well-equipped and accessible ski resort with a wide range of pistes of varying difficulty in the immediate vicinity of the spa town of Jáchymov.
Ski resort Velflink - Pernink
Type: Ski centre
Place: Pernink
The ski resort is especially suitable for families with children, 4 ski lifts, the whole area is artificially snowed and daily modified by machine, skiing and snowboarding lessons, night skiing, ski rental, storage room, ...
Out of operation
Ski lift Tisá
Type: Ski centre
Place: Tisá
The ski resort in the village Tisá near Ústí nad Labem offers a 400m long blue ski slope and one ski lift.


Funicular to Komáří vížka
Type: Funicular
Place: Bohosudov
Chair funicular goes from village Bohosudov to the top of mountain Komáří hůrka (809 m). The chair funicular is 2348m long and the rise is 482m
Funicular Jáchymov - Klínovec
Type: Funicular
Place: Jáchymov
Chair funicular to the top of highest mountain of ore mountains – Klínovec from Jáchymov

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