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Thayatal (Podyji)

Thayatal is a unique natural complex which has not a parallel in Czech Republic. The beauty of the landscape is underlined by the water sheet of the Vranovska prehrada water-reservoir with magnificent castles and the national park Thayatal (Podyji) - a deep valley of the Dyje river with Austrian borders on both sides from Vranov nad Dyji to Znojmo.

Dam Vranovska prehrada is the largest water-reservoir on the Dyje river and among all it is a far-famed recreation area. This reservoir is one of warmest in Czech Republic. That’s why it is called ”the Moravian Adriatic”.

The national park Thayatal (Podyji) has been pronounced in 2000. The area is noted for extraordinary natural scenery created by rocks, meander, ravines but even meadows along the Dyje river and shiny wood-steppes. The characteristic feature is the variety and the high concentration vegetable and animal breeds.

List of places

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Places for bathing

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Recommended routes

  Bitov - chateau Bitov - Cornstejn - Bitov
  Bitov -1,5km- Vranec -1,5km- castle Bitov -2km- camp Horka -1,5km- bridge accross dam Vranov -1km- Cornstejn -1km- bridge accross dam Vranov -1,5km- Bitov (total about 10km)
  Vranov - dam Vranov - Svycarska bay - Vranov
  Vranov nad Dyji, square -2km- dam Vranov -2,5km- Svycarska bay -3km- dam Vranov -2km- Vranov nad Dyji, square (total about 9,5km)

Cycling routes

Jaroměřice n. Rokytnou - Moravské Budějovice - Jaroměřice n. Rokytnou
Jaroměřice n. Rokytnou - Popovice - Lesůňky - Šebkovice - Nové Dvory - Lesonice - Martínkov - Domamil - Litohoř - Moravské Budějovice - Lukov - Bohušice - Jaroměřice n. Rokytnou (total 39,0km)
Znojmo - Vranov n. D. - Hardegg - Znojmo
Znojmo - Mašovice - Podmolí - Lukov u Znojma - Horní Břečkov - Lesná - Přehrada - Vranov - Čížov - Hardegg - Merkersdorf - Niederfladnitz - Retzbach - Hnanice - Havraníky - Popice - Konice - Znojmo (total 66,0km)
Znojmo - Moravské Budějovice
Znojmo - Citonice - Žerůtky - Olbramkostel - Vracovice - Lesná - Šumná - Štítary - Ctidružice - Blížkovice - Častohostice - Vesce - Lažínky - Moravské Budějovice (total 44,0km)
The surrounding of Moravské Budějovice
Moravské Budějovice - Kosová - Rácovice - Velký Újezd - Kojatice - Dešov - Kuberův mlýn - Vysočany - Cornštejn - Bítov - Chvalatice - Láz - Nové Syrovice - Krnčice - Moravské Budějovice (total 49,0km)
Round dam Vranovská přehrada
Vranov nad Dyjí - Lančov - Hrad Cornštejn - Vysočany - Popelná - Chvalatice - Zálesí - Šumná - Lesná - Vranov nad Dyjí (total 42,1km)

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