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Moravian Karst (Moravsky Kras)

The Drahanska vrchovina hills and the Moravian Karst are set in a picturesque area northward of Brno between the route to Svitavy and the highway to Olomouc. Moravsky kras is one of the most significant karst’s centres in Middle Europe. On the area of 100qkm, there are well-developed surface and underground karsts entities in 1000 discovered caves. For the sake of preservation of this unique phenomenon the territory has been pronounced as the National protected zone in 1956. Annually thousands of tourists visit this place which is heavily interlaced with tourist paths.

The biggest subterranean system in Czech Republic is located in the north part (Amaterska cave with length of its passages more than 21km), thereinafter Sloupsko-sosuvske caves and Punkevni caves with Macocha gorge both opened for public. Or there are plunges of Sloupsky stram and Bila Voda which are the main source of Punkva and next caves like Balcarka, Katerinska caves opened for public as well. In the middle part there are significant cave system Rudicke propadani - Byci skala with numerous archaeological findings. At the south part a significant Ochozska cave and the cave Pekarna are situated.

List of places

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Places for bathing

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Recommended routes

  Abyss Macocha - cave Katerinska jeskyne - caves Punkevni jeskyne - abyss Macocha
  cottage Macocha, view-point Horni mustek -1,8km- cave Katerinska jeskyne -0,2km- Skalni Mlyn -1,4km- caves Punkevni jeskyne -0,8km- crossroad Pod Salmovkou -0,5km- view-point Dolni Mustek -0,3km- cottage Macocha, view-point Horni mustek (total about 5km)
  Cave Balcarka - Krasova - Jedovnice - Krtiny
  cave Balcarka -3km- Krasova -1,7km- Jedovnice -2,2km- under Tipecek -1,4km- Arboretum -2km- crossroad Lisci Lec - 2,5km- Krtiny (total about 13km)

Cycling routes

From Brno through Mariánské and Josefovské valley to Blansko
Mariánské údolí - Hádek - Nový Dvůr - Křtiny - Josefov - Adamov - Blansko (total 35,0km)
From Blansko to PLA Moravský kras
Blansko - Skalní mlýn - Sloup - Holštejn - jesk. Balcarka - Skalní mlýn - Blansko (total 34,5km)
Circuit in Vyškov area
Vyškov - Drnovice - Račice-Pístovice - Olšany - Habrovany - Luleč - Vyškov (total 29,9 km)

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