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Palava hills (Palavske vrchy)

The Palava hills include the whole complex of limestone formations in the South Moravia. It is located among Dolni Vestonice and Horni Vestonice, Pavlov and Mikulov towns, about 50 kilometres from Brno. The Palavske vrchy is a system of hills, an unique UNESCO reservation, with plenty of protected plants and animals. It is also excellent place fot mountaineers and tourist. The massiv gradually sinks and lose in surrounding hilly country towards Mikulov.

The Lednice-Valtice complex, connected at large to Palava hills, is one of the most valuable pearl at imaginary treasury of historical and cultural wealth of Czech Republic. Romantic buildings like villas or hunting-lodge are set around in this open landscape. So we may visit for example Minaret, Januv hrad, Hranicni zamecek, Apollonuv chram, Belveder and others. The system of beautiful Lednice’s ponds is also a part of that.

List of places

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Places for bathing

The quality of bathing water for this region can be found HERE

Recommended routes

  Pavlov - Devin - mountain Stolova hora - Mikulov
  Pavlov -1,2km- ruin of castle Divci hrad -1km- Devin -2,8km- Kletnice -0,5km- ruin of castle Sirotci hradek -0,6km- mountain Stolova hora -2,6km- Turold - 1,8km- Mikulov (total about 10,5km)
  The Lednice-Valtice complex
  Lednice, chateau -2km- Minaret -2km- Lednice, chateau -3km- Apollonuv chram -2,5km- Novy Dvur -1km- Tri gracie -1,5km- St.Hubert -1,5km- Randez Vous - 4km- Valtice (total about 17,5km)

Cycling routes

From Mikulov around peaks Pálavské vrchy
Mikulov - Milovice - Kostel na rozcestí - Pavlov - Dolní Věstonice - Perná - Kočičí skála - Mikulov (total 29,2km)
The resort of Lednice - Valtice
Valtice - Hlohovec - Hraniční zámeček - Lednice - Janův hrad - Břeclav (Kančí obora) - Svatý Hubert - Valtice (total 30,1km)
The large circle in resort Lednice - Valtice
Valtice - Břeclav - Lednice - Bulhary - Pavlov - Mikulov - Sedlec - Valtice (total 50,9km)
Circuit in the Břeclav area
Břeclavská stezka - Beskydsko-Karpatská Magistrála - hradiště Pohansko - zámeček Pohansko - Františkův rybník - Poštorná ( (total 9,7 km)

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