Animals of the Ore Mountains

The Ore mountains pertain toa zone of deciduous wood with its typical zoological species, which are signed on extensive komplex of a wood growth with expressive difference of height.

Expecialy some species of birds and mammal are typical for this zone. For example the standart mammals are harts, squirrels, martens or foxes. Some species of exotic mummals were reared in preserves. At the present times it´s possible to see deers in the neigbourhood of chateau Jezeří.


The usual species of birds are cuckoo, jay, woodpecker and many others. Small species of wood grouses still occurs in areas of mountain peat-bogs. In some mountain caves lives rare species of black bats.

In the past the area of Ore mountains was overgrowned with forest and some species of big predators lived there. But the intensive agricultural activity in the first half of 19th century contributed to extermination of this predators. The wild cat has been rarely occured in today´s Ore mountains.

One of usual species of frogs

Some species of birds of prey are lived in wood-areas of Ore mountains, for example hobby or hawk. The rock eagle nested there in 19th century too.

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