Plants of the Ore Mountains

The region Ore mountains belongs to area of centre-european plants, which is characteristic with fairly damp and cold climate and poor soils. Typical plants of south slopes of Ore mountains are mixed amd deciduous woods.

State protected plant - orange asher

Higher areas of Ore mountains have been forming by beech woods, which were partly changed to spruce woods and pastures in past. The typical plants of the nearest layer are canes or bilberries. The original beech woods occur for example in Domaslavické valley.

In some valley of rivers and brooks the society of "near water" woods has arrisen. This woods are formed by alders, ashes, maples and elms.

The meadows societies and pastures are typical for area of Ore mountains too. There growth many kinds of grass. Many species of plants, which growth there, are very rare and state protected. Lot of meadows were changed to pastures because of agriculture.

Božidarské peat-bog

The typical societies of Top areas of Ore mountains are peat-bogs. This peat-bogs had started to form in postglacian in places of springs of water. Later the knee-pine growed there. The thichness of peat is from a few centimeters to several metres. This areas form the best preserved societies of plants, because of its bad access for transport.

The most important peat bogs, mostly state protected areas, are Božidarské peat-bog, Malé Jeřábí lake near the Pernink, Novodomské peat-bog and many others.

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