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Ski resort Arrakis Žacléř - Prkenný Důl

Žacléř - Prkenný Důl
Arrakis s.r.o., Revoluční 264, 542 01 Žacléř
+420-603 827 575, 499 776 555
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Ski centre in eastern Giant moountains with downhill routes of all difficulties, convenient for beginners and imtermediate skiers.

What is location and accessibility of the resort?

Ski centre is situated in eastern Giant mountains, 13 km far from town Trutnov, near the main road Trutnov - Žacléř. Perking place for 150 cars directly by ski centre. You can come by train or by bus to Žacléř. Distance - from Prague 160 km, from Trutnov 16 km, from Hradec Králové 70 km.

What is the equipment and services provided?

The main part of ski centre generate area Arrakis at the highest point of Prkenný Důl. Ski school, ski and snowboard rental office, skiservis, restaurants, bowling, fitness, cinema or sauna.

What are the prices for the 2023/2024 season?

The current price list of ski passes for this season can be found HERE >>

What are the opening hours of the resort?

9.00 - 16.00

What are the cross-country skiing tracks nearby?

More than 50 km of cross-country skiing tracks with connection to Giant mountains or Poland.

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What are the tourist attractions nearby?

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