Guide Těchonín

Tourist attractions

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3 km   Jablonné nad Orlicí   Map  Online camera Online camera Weather Jablonné nad Orlicí
4 km   Mladkov   Map  Weather Mladkov - Petrovičky
4 km   Nekoř   Map
4 km   Dam Pastviny   Map
4 km   Route - Letohrad - Pastviny - Čihák   Map
5 km   View-tower Suchý vrch   Map
5 km   Hill Adam   Map
7 km   Čenkovice   Map  Online camera Online camera Weather Čenkovice
7 km   České Petrovice   Map  Online camera Online camera Online camera Weather České Petrovice
8 km   Klášterec nad Orlicí   Map
9 km   Čihák   Map
9 km   Letohrad   Map  Online camera Weather Letohrad
10 km   Zemská brána   Map
12 km   Kunvald   Map
12 km   Žamberk   Map  Online camera Online camera Weather Žamberk
13 km   Bartošovice v Orlických horách   Map  Online camera Weather Bartošovice
16 km   Rokytnice v Orlických horách   Map  Online camera Weather Rokytnice v O.h. - Farský kopec
18 km   Fort Hanička   Map  Online camera Weather Pevnost Hanička

Skicentres and funiculars

Skiresort Čenkovice - Nad parkovištěm
Skiresort Čenkovice - Nad parkovištěm - Ski centre in quiet location of Bukovská mountainous country. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Čenkovice    Map   Online camera
Skiresort Buková hora
Skiresort Buková hora - Ski resort with alpine level. The resort connects ski slopes leading to Buková mountain from the Čenkovice and Cervena Voda. TOP Center of the Czech Republic - five stars.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Červená Voda    Map   Online camera
Ski centre Na Dlouhých Honech
Ski centre Na Dlouhých Honech - The ski centre is ideal for half-day skiing of families with children and schools. Technical snow system, night skiing, prepared by snow-machine.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Dlouhoňovice    Map   Online camera
Ski centre NELLA Bartošovice
Ski centre NELLA Bartošovice - Ski centre in the north-east part of Eagle mountains. It is suiteble for family recreation. Here are 2 well conditioned downhill routes, night skiing and childrens route. Snack -bar near the bottom station, parking place.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Bartošovice    Map   Online camera