The main part of Jizera mountais is covered by the forest and it influences the constitution of animals in this region. The origin forests were chamged to monocultural forests and the richness of animal species fell.

In the rests of origin spruce forests live a lot species of birds. More richness of animal species is in the beech and mixed forests. The birds there are for example woodpeckers and many others. The most proved areas are the mountain peat-bogs. Many species of birds and small mammals and insects live there.

The independent chapter of animals in the Jizera mountains is the underground. Many species of rare bats occurs in old desert mines. For example the water bat, big bat and many others. All this bats are state protected.

The big animals in Jizera mountains are hart, roebuck and deer. In the past there lived bears and wolfs, but they were exterminated in 18th century.

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