History of the Jizera Mountains

Area of Jizera mountains is very interesting in historic sight. There are traces of primeval settlement, pre-historical parish is situated, for example, in hill Chlum near the Raspenava. From 6th to 12th century belonged this area to territory of Lusatian Serbes, what is apparent in many todays names. The area was rarely settled, because of its coarse climate and inaccessible ground. Since 11th century the area fell arternately to czech and german masters. The period of german domination entailed flood of saxon colonists.

Chateau Frýdlant

Important stage of development of Jizera mountains have been united with development of glass industry. Origin of first glass workshops is associated wit 14th century, first glass work origened in Jablonec-Mšeno in the year 1548. Glass workships stands the gradual colnization of virgin areas of forest, because the workshops needs a lot of wood.

In the Middle Ages there was several "gold fevers". Occurrence of precious stones brought a lot of adventurers, but a lot of engravers from all Europe too. One of deposit of precious stones is, for example, Safírový brook. Important stage was the beginning of 17th century too, when the area had belonged to general of empire armies Albrech from Valdštejn.

View-tower Štěpánka

The main source of living was first of all the output of wood, glass industry and later the textile industry too. The conditions for agricuture was unfavourable. The first globeline workshop in Bohemia was founded in Vratislavice nad Nisou. The textile and glass workshops originated formarly than in inland. Glass industry and processing of precious stones in Turnov preceded a origin of new branch - artificial jewelery.

In 19th century the Jizera mountains became area of interest of many tourist clubs. This clubs started to built up many view-towers on the tops of important mountains, mountain huts and a lot of kilometres of signed tourist ways.

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