Jizera mountains pertain to the cenre-European forest flora. The Mountains excel with many beautiful peat-bogs with many kinds of plants. Many of these plants are botanical uniques.

In the past the region was covered with beech and mixed forests. Because of rough climate and acid soil, the flora of Jizera mountains is relatively poor. The large areas of origine forests were changed to monocultural forests, because of exploitation of wood.

At the highest parts of Mountains the origin spruce woods occurs. Lower layer of plants make the bilberries, mosses and ferns. The meadows, which originated after the exploitation, are cowered by many kinds of grass. In some places there are the origin mountain meadows too.

Peat-bog Na Čihadle

The climate of Jizera mountain gave the ideal conditions for origin of peat-bogs. The thickness of these peat-bogs from several centimetres to several metres. The peat-bogs are typical with its plants, for example knee-pines, junipers or dwarf spruces. There is about 50 peat-bogs at the area of Jizera mountains.

The flora of Frýdlant´s region is a little different There is many meadows there and woods are deciduous. The meadows of Ještěd ridge are made with spruce and beech.

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