Skiresort Buková hora

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Location and access
The ski resort is located in villages Červená Voda and Čenkovice on the hillside of mountain Buková hora.
Equipment and services
The total length of the slopes available for a common ski pass is more than 8,000m with all the slopes treated with artificial snow.

Heroltice Slope - The longest slope in the ski resort and the entire Orlické Mountains with a length of 2,290 m. This blue slope is frequently used. The minimum width of 55 m provides excellent conditions for carving skis and for training young skiers and snowboarders.

Mlýnice Slope - The second longest slope in the ski resort and the Orlické Mountains with a length of 2,150 m. It begins with a sporty red section with a gradual transition into blue. Skiers and snowboarders can see their speed on the radar screen. The milder part of the slope forms the Funslope with many dozens of jibs, with access for passenger cars and emphasis on fun for beginners and little children.

Children's slope - With a length of 600 m, it is a detour of the steep part of the slope. It leads along the cableway and is very popular not only among children but also older skiers.

Kidpark - A practice field for the first steps on skis or snowboard with a length of 150 m. It offers the possibility of teaching basic skills such as stopping, curves, crossing or going under obstacles.

Svitavy Slope - It is a very popular ski slope and a novelty for the common ski pass for the season 2015–2016. With its length of 1,000 m, it offers a great ride with maximum enjoyment for carving skiers, especially in its second half where it reaches a width of up to 70 m. Thanks to its minimal segmentation, its difficulty is ranked blue.

Třebová Slope - The slope is loved by those who enjoy a rugged ride. The red difficulty level on the first meters gradually turns into blue. With its length of 1,000 m, the slope offers the ultimate carving experience in the bottom half with a width of more than 50 m. The slope also includes a snow park for all beginners, intermediate skiers, and experienced riders.

Vigona Slope - This blue slope is a new part of the common ski pass for 2015-16 season. With its length of 480 m, it is excellent for intermediate and advanced skiers. It also offers daily night skiing.