Ski resort Hrubá Voda

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Location and access
Ski resort Hrubá Voda is located in the village of the same name near Olomouc.
Equipment and services
SPORT PARK Hrubá Voda offers a four-seater cable car and 4 ski lifts, including a modern children's belt for the little ones. Thanks to their width, set prices and night lighting of the slope under the cable car, the four slopes from 250 to 550 meters long are an attractive place for a beautiful day in the snow.

Technical snowmaking, modern technology, an excellent location of the slopes and the cool valley of the river Bystřička guarantee excellent conditions for skiing.

The parameters of the ski slopes are ideal both experienced and less experienced skiers.

Online registration in the loyalty system called RESORT CARD.
In summer, a bobsled run is available. The toboggan run in the Hrubá Voda Sport Park is one of the most modern toboggan runs. Rugged, attractive, fast and safe.

Total length of the route is 851m, elevation52m, maximum achievable speed 40 km/h
Breathtaking 360° rotation at the end.
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