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Ski centre Tanvaldský Špičák - Skiaréna Jizerky

Ski centre Tanvaldský Špičák - Skiaréna Jizerky
Tanvaldský Špičák
SKI Bižu s.r.o., Pražská 4200/20, Jablonec nad Nisou
+420-731 412 102, 483 710 999
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Location and access

Ski centre (sea level 540-800 m) is situated near the village Albrechtice, about 5km northwest from Tanvald. Transport by car from Tanvald (Josefův Důl - Smržovka to Jiřetín and than 1km.). Two public parking places. Distance - from Prague 125km, from Liberec 25km, from Jablonec nad Nisou 12km.

Equipment and services

Tanvaldský Špičák is one of the most prominent winter sport resorts in the Czech Republic and the largest ski centre in the Jizera Mountains. Its ski runs of all scales of difficulty are ideal for skiers one and all. The resort has such high-quality runs at its disposal that European level competitions are staged here. In the centre there are 7 ski lifts and... more >>

Working Hours

8:30-16:00, night skiing 17:00-20:00

Cross-country skiing tracks

Only 10km from the centre lies Jizerská magistrála with daily maintained skiing tracks. Total lenght of cross-country skiing tracks is about 90km. The difficulty and lenght of tracks is selectable. You can find the map of Jizerská magistrála HERE.
Operator: SKI Bižu s.r.o.