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Beskydy, Javorniky Mountains

The Moravskoslezske Beskydy Mountains are situated in Frydek-Mistek, Novy Jicin and Valasske Mezirici regions. Beskydy are the most extensive range in the West Carpathians mountains on Czech side. Since 1973 it has been a natural reservation. The highest peak of these mountains in Chzech republic is Lysa hora with its 1324 meters above sea level. Other well-known hills are Radhost (with many legends place and famous statue of pagan god Radegast), Knehyne (1257m), Smrk (1276m), Travny (1203m) and Maly Smrk (1174m). Accessing of the Beskydy mountains for tourists had caused a large development of recreation property, hotels and cottages.

The Javorniky mountains are an elongation of the ridge of the same name located on Czech side. The highest peak here is the Velky Javornik mountain with 1071 meters above sea level. Larger part of Javorniky lies in Slovak Republic. The tourist most attractive places are for example Bumbalka or Kohutka - Portas.

List of places

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Recommended routes

From Trojanovice via Pustevny and Radhost to the saddle Pindula
                    Trojanovice, hotel Raztoka-2,5km-Pustevny-0,5km-Cyrilka-1km- statue of Radegast-1,5km-Radhost, ridge-1km-Radhost, chapel-2,5km-mountain Cerna hora, crossroads-2,5km-saddle Pindula (total 11,5km)
From Bila via Beskyd to the saddle Bumbalka
                    Bila-3,5km-Bobek-3,5km-Hluchanka-4km-Beskyd, crossroads-5km-Bumbalka (total 12,5km)
Trip around Nydek
                    Nydek-Velka Cantoryje, cottage-Velka Cantoryje, top of mountain-Beskydske saddle-Velky Sosov-Maly Stozek-under Velky Stozek-Filipka-Filipka, crossroads-Nydek (total about 24km)
Trip around Ostravice
                    Ostravice, Mazak-Water-reservoir Sance-under Cupl-Kobylanka-Mountain Lysa hora-Luksinec-Butoranka-Ostravice (total about 17km)

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