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Snow forecast for Czech republic

Here you can find snow forecast and snow conditions for all ski resorts in Czech republic, which we have at available. Snow forecast and snow conditions in Czech ski resorts we update for you each day.

Snow forecast is categorized by mountains:
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New snowNew snow
Snow typeSnow typeOperationOperationCableways<br/>liftsCableways
 Giant mountains
On-line cameraWeatherBenecko70-90-frozenin operation14/155.2km from 5.4km (15/16)-5.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerná hora - J.Lázně40-90-frozenin operation12/1217.8km from 17.8km (18/18)-9.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerný Důl35-50-frozenin operation6/78km from 8.5km (11/12)-9.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherDolní Dvůr - Luisino údolí70-905frozenin operation1/21.8km from 1.8km (4/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherDolní Dvůr - Ski Family40-90-frozenin operation4/60.5km from 1.5km (3/8) -
On-line cameraWeatherH.Mísečky - Medvědín40-60-frozenin operation8/914.4km from 14.4km (9/9)-10.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherHarrachov40-70-frozenin operation5/57.9km from 7.9km (7/7)-7.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherHerlíkovice45-60-artificialin operation6/811.5km from 11.9km (11/12)-9.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherJablonec nad Jizerou25-60-frozenin operation2/22.3km from 3.3km (2/3)-7.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherKněžický vrch50-80-frozenin operation6/65.5km from 6.6km (7/10) -
On-line cameraWeatherMalá Úpa15-50-powderyin operation8/96.6km from 6.9km (12/13)-8.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherMladé Buky90-100-powderyin operation2/71km from 4.5km (2/9)-8.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherPaseky nad Jizerou55-65-artificialin operation6/69.3km from 9.5km (9/10) -
On-line cameraWeatherPec pod Sněžkou60-80-frozenin operation14/1513.5km from 14.1km (19/20)-10.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherPěnkavčí vrch45-wetin operation1/1 - -
On-line cameraWeatherPrkenný Důl - Arrakis20-50-frozenin operation3/34.8km from 4.8km (7/7) -
On-line cameraWeatherPrkenný Důl - Family Park40-60-artificialin operation4/50.8km from 1.1km (4/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherRadvanice40-60-frozenin operation2/20.7km from 0.7km (3/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherRokytnice nad Jizerou60-90-frozenin operation22/2321.3km from 21.3km (33/33)-5.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherSněžka-- - in operation1/2 - -8.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherŠp.Mlýn - Svatý Petr40-50-frozenin operation5/811.4km from 12.7km (8/11)-9.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherStrážné50-80-frozenin operation3/40.9km from 1.5km (2/4)-6.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherSvoboda nad Úpou30-40-frozenin operation1/30.7km from 1.1km (2/3)-5.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherVelká Úpa40-60-frozenin operation3/42.4km from 2.4km (3/3)-9.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherVítkovice50-75-frozenin operation7/75.4km from 5.4km (10/10)-8.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherVysoké nad Jizerou35-65-frozenin operation3/34.2km from 4.2km (6/6)-5.9°C
 Beskydy mountains, Javorníky
On-line cameraWeatherChvalčov - Tesák10-35-mixedin operation1/20.4km from 0.4km (1/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherH. Bečva - Sachovka50-75-artificialin operation4/41.3km from 1.3km (4/4) -
 WeatherJezerné10-30-artificialin operation1/10.4km from 0.9km (1/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherKarolinka30-805frozenin operation4/43.3km from 3.3km (6/6) -
On-line cameraWeatherKohútka40-8010powderyin operation5/75km from 6.6km (8/10)-6.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherKyčerka40-60-powderyin operation6/91.4km from 2.4km (4/7)-8.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherPozděchov15-35-mixedin operation3/30.45km from 0.75km (2/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherPustevny-- - in operation1/1 - -7.7°C
On-line cameraWeatherRališka40-803powderyin operation3/31.9km from 1.9km (4/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherRazula60-100-artificialin operation2/60.4km from 1.8km (1/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherSki Bílá35-60-frozenin operation6/75.2km from 5.2km (9/9)-7.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherSKI Park Gruň50-60-frozenin operation2/33.8km from 3.8km (5/5)-7.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherStupava20-80-artificialin operation3/41km from 1.2km (3/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherSvah Zlín-- - out of operation0/30 km from 0.3km (0/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherTrnava5- - out of operation00 km from 1km -
On-line cameraWeatherÚjezd u Val.Klobouk0-455mixedin operation1/10.47km from 0.47km (1/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherZlatník - Biocel-- - out of operation0/30 km from 0.66km (0/2) -
 Šumava mountains
On-line cameraWeatherFrymburk45-1055wetin operation4/41.7km from 1.7km (3/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherHochficht100-130-frozenin operation9/921.7km from 21.7km (15/15)-10.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherHorní Vltavice20-40-frozenin operation3/30.7km from 0.7km (3/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherJavorná30-50-frozenin operation1/22km from 4km (2/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherKašperské Hory35-mixedin operation3/40 km from 1.9km (0/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherKvilda50-120-powderyin operation6/81.2km from 1.2km (5/5)-8.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherLipno70-130-artificialin operation8/88km from 13.4km (9/16)-6.9°C
On-line cameraWeatherMitterdorf100-powderyin operation8/8 - -
On-line cameraWeatherMonínec70-1005artificialin operation5/62km from 2km (3/3)-4.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherNové Hutě35-55-powderyin operation4/52km from 2.5km (4/5)-9.7°C
On-line cameraWeatherSternstein60-mixedin operation3/35.1km from 5.1km (5/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherStrážný20-30-mixedin operation2/20/2 -
On-line cameraWeatherŽ. Ruda - Nádraží - Belveder30-70-frozenin operation4/62.9km from 3.4km (7/8)-8.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherZadov70-905artificialin operation4/72.2km from 4.5km (5/8)-9.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherŽelezná Ruda - Špičák30-80-powderyin operation7/87.8km from 7.8km (16/16)-7.2°C
 Vysočina highlands
On-line cameraWeatherČeřínek40-20020mixedin operation2/20.6km from 0.6km (1/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherChotěboř-- - out of operation0/20 km from 0.3km (0/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherHodonín u Kunštátu35-60-artificialin operation3/30.9km from 1.1km (3/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherNové Město na Moravě40-60-frozenin operation2/20.5km from 0.5km (1/1)-5.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherOlešnice na Moravě40-75-artificialin operation3/41.1km from 1.1km (3/3)-5.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherVelké Meziříčí30- - in operation3/30 km from 1km (0/3) -
 Ore mountains
On-line cameraWeatherAlšovka20-402mixedin operation1/20.3km from 1.3km (1/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherBoží Dar - Novako20-50- - in operation3/40.5km from 0.5km (2/2)-7.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherBoží Dar30-60-artificialin operation4/42km from 2km (4/4)-7.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherBublava45-65-frozenin operation5/72.8km from 3.2km (6/7)-7.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherČeský Jiřetín30-40-frozenin operation1/40.3km from 2.3km (1/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherDlouhá Louka - Osek15-203powderyin operation48.8km from 68.8km -
On-line cameraWeatherFichtelberg40-80-frozenin operation6/614.1km from 15.5km (9/11)-8.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherKlínovec80-110-frozenin operation10/1417.7km from 30km (14/27)-8.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherPernink Velflink30-4020powderyin operation1/31/1 -
On-line cameraWeatherPlešivec - Abertamy60-100-artificialin operation6/97.2km from 12km (6/10)-7.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherSki Aš20-40-frozenout of operation0/20 km from 1.7km (0/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherSki Klíny50-80-frozenin operation3/31.8km from 2.7km (3/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherSKIPOT Potůčky60-100-frozenin operation2/21.2km from 1.2km (3/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherTelnice45-55-artificialin operation4/54.6km from 6.4km (6/8)-7.2°C
 Jizera mountains
On-line cameraWeatherBedřichov40-70-frozenin operation5/72.9km from 4.5km (7/10)-5.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerná Říčka30-80-frozenin operation3/32.5km from 2.6km (4/5)-8.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherJeštěd20-502slushyin operation5/117.8km from 10.5km (10/14)-4.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherJosefův Důl30-50-frozenin operation5/52.1km from 2.1km (5/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherKořenov - Příchovice50-85-frozenin operation3/33.4km from 3.4km (6/6)-5.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherKořenov - Rejdice50-755frozenin operation2/32.3km from 2.3km (3/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherObří sud Javorník30-355artificialin operation2/30.9km from 0.9km (1/3)-4.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherPlavy-- - out of operation0/20/3 -
On-line cameraWeatherSeverák30-60-frozenin operation7/112.1km from 4.2km (8/12)-6.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherSmržovka - Filip30-6015powderyin operation1 - -
On-line cameraWeatherTanvaldský Špičák40-80-frozenin operation8/97.8km from 8.2km (8/10)-5.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherZlatá Olešnice20-mixedin operation2/20/3 -
 Lusatian mountains
On-line cameraWeatherHorní Podluží5-155artificialin operation1/41/3 -
 Eagle mountains
On-line cameraWeatherBartošovice15-30-mixedin operation2/20/3 -
On-line cameraWeatherBuková hora - Č. Voda50-100-artificialin operation2/25.4km from 5.4km (6/6)-5.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherBuková hora - Čenkovice20-60-artificialin operation1/30.9km from 2.3km (2/4)-7.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherČ. Třebová - Peklák5-10- - out of operation0/20 km from 0.9km (0/2)-2.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherČeské Petrovice40-50-frozenin operation4/51km from 2.8km (3/6) -
On-line cameraWeatherDeštné v O.h.35-90-artificialin operation5/63.8km from 5km (7/9)-6.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherDlouhoňovice30-70-frozenoperation Sa-Su0/20 km from 0.7km (0/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherOlešnice - Hartman-- - out of operation0/30/3 -
On-line cameraWeatherPřívrat5-20-artificialin operation3/40.5km from 1.8km (3/6) -
On-line cameraWeatherŘíčky v O.h.70-100-frozenin operation3/44.2km from 4.2km (5/5)-6.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherZdobnice30-90-powderyin operation5/61.7km from 1.9km (6/7) -
 Region Broumov
On-line cameraWeatherJanovičky5-20-frozenin operation2/30 km from 0.98km (2/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherTeplice nad Metují20-50-mixedin operation1/10.5km from 0.5km (1/1) -
 Jeseníky mountains
On-line cameraWeatherAnnaberg - Andělská hora30-65-artificialin operation3/42.8km from 3.2km (4/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherBranná40-60-frozenin operation3/41.4km from 2.2km (3/4)-12.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerťák pod Pradědem20-30-artificialin operation1/30.9km from 2.6km (1/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherČervenohorské sedlo50-100-frozenin operation6/87.4km from 7.9km (8/9)-7.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherFilipovice40-80-artificialin operation2/31.8km from 2.1km (2/3)-3.7°C
On-line cameraWeatherHlubočky35-70-artificialin operation3/40.75km from 1.5km (4/6) -
 WeatherHraběšice30-5020artificialin operation2/21.35km from 1.35km (2/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherHrubá Voda50-70-artificialin operation4/61.3km from 2.6km (4/6) -
On-line cameraWeatherKarlov - Klobouk-- - out of operation0/10/2 -
On-line cameraWeatherKarlova Studánka80-mixedin operation1/10.55km from 0.55km (1/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherKladky10-505artificialin operation2/30.45km from 0.71km (1/1) -
On-line cameraWeatherKlepáčov20-mixedin operation2/30 km from 1.24km (0/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherKopřivná50-100-powderyin operation3/32.3km from 2.3km (2/2)-12.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherKouty nad Desnou50-80-artificialin operation3/46.8km from 11.5km (5/11)-11.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherM. Morávka - Karlov50-80-frozenin operation8/119.7km from 12.3km (13/16)-6.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherMiroslav40-60-frozenin operation2/32km from 2.9km (3/5)-5.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherOstružná50-80-powderyin operation4/42.5km from 2.5km (6/6)-6.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherPetříkov Kaste-- - out of operation0/10 km from 1.7km (0/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherPraděd90-130-frozenin operation7/74.8km from 4.8km (9/9)-8.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherPřemyslov40-80-frozenin operation3/31.7km from 2.4km (3/4)-9.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherRamzová020-70-frozenin operation3/48.4km from 8.4km (6/6)-7.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherStará Ves50- - in operation1/20 km from 1.1km (0/2) -
On-line cameraWeatherTošovice20-60-artificialin operation8/91.2km from 1.4km (6/7)-6.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherVernířovice30-6015powderyin operation2/30.9km from 3.2km (2/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherZlaté Hory - Dolní Údolí30-80-artificialin operation1/20.5km from 1.6km (1/4) -
 Massive of Králický Sněžník
On-line cameraWeatherDolní Morava60-100-powderyin operation8/810.4km from 10.4km (10/10)-8.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherKraličák30-602frozenin operation6/76.2km from 8.9km (10/12)-10.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherKunčice - SKITECH30-50-artificialin operation3/43.4km from 4.5km (5/7)-5.0°C
 Slavkov Forest
On-line cameraWeatherMariánské Lázně60-100-artificialin operation2/31.3km from 1.6km (2/3)-6.0°C

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