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Snow forecast for Czech republic

Here you can find snow forecast and snow conditions for all ski resorts in Czech republic, which we have at available. Snow forecast and snow conditions in Czech ski resorts we update for you each day.

At the most ski resorts are besides snow reports available links with webcams and weather forecast. Snow forecast is categorized by mountains.

Clicking on the icon Online camera will show the online camera, icon Weather will show weather forecast. By clicking on the name of the resort, you will get detailed presentation of ski centre.

New snow
Snow type Operation Cableways
Slopes Temperature
 Giant mountains
Benecko20-3020powderyOut of operation0/130 km from 5.3km (0/14)-0.2°C
Černá hora - J.Lázně40-5010powderyIn operation3/122.5km from 17.5km (3/18)-5.3°C
Černý Důl---Out of operation0/70 km from 8.5km (0/12)-2.8°C
Dolní Dvůr - Luisino údolí---Out of operation0/20 km from 0.9km (0/2) -
Dolní Dvůr - Ski Family15-4020artificialOut of operation0/60 km from 1.5km (0/8) -
H.Mísečky - Medvědín---Out of operation0/90 km from 14.4km (0/9)-2.4°C
Harrachov10-2010slushyOut of operation0/50 km from 7.9km (0/7)-2.6°C
 Herlíkovice20-3020powderyOut of operation0/100 km from 12.4km (0/12)-1.1°C
Jablonec nad Jizerou---Out of operation0/20 km from 3.3km (0/3) -
 Kněžický vrch---Out of operation0/50 km from 7.5km (0/9) -
Malá Úpa15-40-artificialOperation Sa-Su0/90 km from 3.6km (0/9)-4.7°C
Mladé Buky30-5020powderyIn operation3/90.7km from 5.1km (2/10)-0.8°C
Paseky nad Jizerou20-35--Out of operation0/50 km from 10.5km (0/12)0.3°C
Pec pod Sněžkou30-5010powderyOut of operation0/150 km from 14.1km (0/20)-3.3°C
 Pěnkavčí vrch10-powderyOut of operation0 - -
Prkenný Důl - Arrakis---Out of operation0/30 km from 4.8km (0/7)2°C
  Prkenný Důl - Family Park---Out of operation0/50 km from 1.1km (0/5) -
Radvanice---Out of operation0/20 km from 0.7km (0/3) -
Rokytnice nad Jizerou20-5020powderyOut of operation0/240 km from 21.5km (0/34)-1.5°C
Šp.Mlýn - Svatý Petr20-50-artificialOut of operation0/80 km from 12.7km (0/11)-2.4°C
Strážné---Out of operation0/40 km from 1.5km (0/4)0.6°C
Svoboda nad Úpou---Out of operation0/30 km from 1.1km (0/3)-1.7°C
Velká Úpa---Out of operation0/40 km from 2.4km (0/3)-2°C
Vítkovice25-4025frozenOut of operation0/70 km from 5.4km (0/10)-0.8°C
Vysoké nad Jizerou---Out of operation0/50 km from 5.5km (0/10)-0.4°C
 Beskydy mountains, Javorníky
Bílá20-5010slushyIn operation4/71.4km from 5.2km (3/9)0.2°C
 Chvalčov - Tesák---Out of operation0/20 km from 0.4km (0/1) -
H. Bečva - Sachovka---Out of operation0/40 km from 1.3km (0/4) -
  Jezerné---Out of operation0/10 km from 0.9km (0/2) -
  Karolinka20-6020powderyIn operation1/11km from 2.9km (1/4) -
Kohútka15-4010artificialOut of operation0/70 km from 6.6km (0/10)-2.8°C
 Kyčerka---Out of operation0/90 km from 2.4km (0/7)-1°C
  Mosty u Jablunkova---Out of operation0/60 km from 2.4km (0/5) -
  Pozděchov---Out of operation0 - -
Pustevny---Out of operation1/1 - -4.4°C
  Rališka30-3530slushyOut of operation0/30 km from 1.9km (0/4) -
 Razula---Out of operation0/60 km from 1.8km (0/3) -
 SKI Park Gruň---Out of operation0/30 km from 3.8km (0/5)-1.8°C
Stupava0-40-artificialIn operation2/40.4km from 1.2km (1/4) -
Trnava---Out of operation00 km from 1km -
  Újezd u Val.Klobouk---Out of operation0/10 km from 0.47km (0/1) -
  Zlatník - Biocel2020 - Out of operation0/30 km from 0.66km (0/2) -
 Šumava mountains
  Frymburk---Out of operation0/30 km from 1.45km (0/3) -
Hochficht---Out of operation0/70 km from 20.8km (0/12) -
Horní Vltavice---Out of operation0/30 km from 0.7km (0/3) -
Javorná---Out of operation0 - -
Kašperské Hory---Out of operation0/30 km from 1.9km (0/4) -
Kvilda40-6018slushyOperation Sa-Su0/80 km from 1.2km (0/5) -
Lipno0-205artificialOut of operation0/70 km from 12.1km (0/15)-1.2°C
  Mitterdorf---Out of operation0/60/6 -
Monínec30-505frozenOperation Sa-Su0/60 km from 2km (0/3)-0.7°C
Nové Hutě20-3012powderyOut of operation0/50 km from 2.5km (0/5)-2.2°C
Sternstein---Out of operation0/30/4 -
Ž. Ruda - Nádraží - Belveder20-2520powderyOut of operation0/80 km from 3.5km (0/9)-0.8°C
Zadov20-4515powderyOut of operation0/70 km from 4.5km (0/8)-3.4°C
Železná Ruda - Špičák15-2510artificialOut of operation0/90 km from 7.9km (0/14)-4.8°C
 Vysočina highlands
Bystré - Hamry---Out of operation0/20 km from 0.4km (0/1) -
Chotěboř---Out of operation0/10 km from 0.3km (0/1) -
Nové Město na Moravě---Out of operation0/20 km from 0.5km (0/1)1.5°C
Olešnice na Moravě0-1010powderyOut of operation0/40 km from 1.1km (0/3)-0.3°C
 Ore mountains
  115powderyOut of operation0/20/3 -
 Bouřňák---Out of operation0/60 km from 6.8km (0/7) -
  Boží Dar - Neklid---Out of operation0/40 km from 2km (0/4)-3.1°C
 Boží Dar - Novako---Out of operation0/40 km from 0.5km (0/2)-3.3°C
Bublava---Out of operation0/70 km from 3.2km (0/7)-2.7°C
Český Jiřetín---Out of operation0/40 km from 2.3km (0/4) -
Dlouhá Louka - Osek---Out of operation - -
 Fichtelberg---Out of operation1/60 km from 15.5km (0/11) -
Klínovec30-5010artificialIn operation1/171.5km from 29.4km (1/28)-4.1°C
Klíny20-3015powderyOut of operation0/40 km from 3.1km (0/5) -
Pernink Velflink---Out of operation0/30/1 -
Plešivec - Abertamy---Out of operation0/90 km from 12km (0/10)-2.3°C
  SKI Komáří vížka---Out of operation0/30 km from 1.15km (0/3) -
Telnice20-3025-Operation Sa-Su0/50 km from 6.4km (0/8)-2.9°C
 Jizera mountains
Bedřichov---Out of operation0/70 km from 4.5km (0/10)-1.8°C
Černá Říčka10-5010powderyOut of operation0/20 km from 2.5km (0/5)-1.3°C
Ještěd---Out of operation1/100 km from 9.2km (0/12)-2.1°C
Josefův Důl---Out of operation0/50 km from 2.1km (0/5) -
Kořenov - Příchovice10-4015-Out of operation0/30 km from 3.4km (0/6)-2.8°C
  Kořenov - Rejdice 20- 4520powderyOperation Sa-Su0/30 km from 2.3km (0/3) -
Obří sud Javorník20-2520-Operation Sa-Su0/40 km from 0.9km (0/3)-2.1°C
Plavy---Out of operation0/1 - -
Severák---Out of operation0/110 km from 4.2km (0/12)-2.8°C
Smržovka - Filip---Out of operation0/20 km from 2.5km (0/2) -
Tanvaldský Špičák---Out of operation0/70 km from 8.2km (0/10)-1.3°C
  Zlatá Olešnice---Out of operation0/20/3 -
 Lusatian mountains
Horní Podluží20-2525wetOut of operation0/40 km from 1.8km (0/3) -
 Eagle mountains
Bartošovice---Out of operation0/20/3 -
Buková hora - Č. Voda10-2015wetOut of operation0/20 km from 5.4km (0/6)-4.4°C
Buková hora - Čenkovice10-2010wetOut of operation0/40 km from 2.7km (0/5)-3.1°C
Č. Třebová - Peklák---Out of operation0/20 km from 0.9km (0/2)0.3°C
České Petrovice---Out of operation0/50 km from 2.8km (0/6) -
Deštné v O.h.15-5015powderyOut of operation0/60 km from 5.1km (0/10)-3.3°C
Dlouhoňovice10-158-Out of operation0/20 km from 0.7km (0/3) -
  Olešnice - Hartman---Out of operation0/30 km from 2.15km (0/4) -
Přívrat---Out of operation0/40 km from 1.4km (0/5) -
Říčky v O.h.25-5015artificialIn operation1/41.2km from 4.2km (1/5)-2.9°C
Zdobnice---Out of operation0/50 km from 1.9km (0/7) -
 Region Broumov
  Teplice nad Metují---Out of operation0/10 km from 0.5km (0/2) -
 Jeseníky mountains
  Annaberg - Andělská hora---Out of operation0/40 km from 3.9km (0/6) -
Branná20-4015powderyIn operation1/40.6km from 2.2km (1/4)-1.7°C
  Čerťák pod Pradědem---Out of operation0/30 km from 2.6km (0/4) -
Červenohorské sedlo25-355powderyOperation Sa-Su0/80 km from 7.9km (0/9)-4.8°C
Filipovice---Out of operation0/30 km from 2.1km (0/3)-2.2°C
Hlubočky5-30-artificialOut of operation0/40 km from 1.5km (0/6)1.3°C
  Hraběšice---Out of operation0/20 km from 1.35km (0/2) -
Hrubá Voda---Out of operation0/40 km from 1km (0/2) -
  Karlov - Klobouk30-50-artificialOperation Sa-Su1/11km from 1km (1/1) -
  Karlova Studánka---Out of operation00 km from 0.54km -
  Kladky---Out of operation0/30 km from 0.71km (0/2) -
 Kopřivná---Out of operation0/30 km from 2.3km (0/2)-3.9°C
Kouty nad Desnou10-5010artificialOut of operation0/40 km from 11.5km (0/11) -
Lipová - Lázeňský vrch---Out of operation0/40 km from 1.6km (0/4) -
M. Morávka - Karlov40-80-artificialOperation Sa-Su0/90 km from 12.2km (0/16) -
 Miroslav---Out of operation0/30 km from 2.9km (0/5)-3.4°C
Ostružná20-3015powderyOut of operation0/40 km from 2.5km (0/6)-2.7°C
Petříkov Kaste---Out of operation0/50 km from 3.7km (0/5) -
Praděd35-4510powderyOut of operation0/70 km from 4.8km (0/9)-6.8°C
Přemyslov---Out of operation0/30 km from 2.4km (0/4)-1.9°C
Ramzová20-10020-Operation Sa-Su0/50 km from 8.7km (0/7)-6°C
Skiarena Vrbno---Out of operation0/20 km from 2.1km (0/2) -
  Stará Ves---Out of operation0/20 km from 1.1km (0/2) -
Tošovice---Out of operation2/100 km from 1.4km (0/7)0.4°C
Vernířovice---Out of operation0/30 km from 3.2km (0/4) -
  Zlaté Hory - Dolní Údolí---Out of operation0/20 km from 1.6km (0/4) -
Zlaté hory - Příčná5-105-Out of operation0/10 km from 1.4km (0/2)-1.7°C
 Massive of Králický Sněžník
Dolní Morava0-505-Operation Sa-Su0/80 km from 10.4km (0/10)-2.1°C
Kraličák5-1510-Out of operation0/90 km from 8.6km (0/12)-2.8°C
  Kunčice - SKITECH---Out of operation0/40 km from 4.5km (0/7)-1.8°C
 Slavkov Forest
Mariánské Lázně10-1513frozenOut of operation0/30 km from 1.6km (0/3)-0.2°C

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