Ski centre Červenohorské sedlo

Ski centre Červenohorské sedlo

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Above sea level: 862-1164 m.
Place:Červenohorské sedlo
Address:Kouty nad Desnou 72, 78811 Loučná nad Desnou
Phone:+420-603 228 597
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Position and access:
Ski centre is situated in saddle Červenohorské sedlo, which is important border crossing of Hrubý Jeseník. You can come by train to Kouty nad Desnou and than by bus to Červenohorské sedlo. Large parking place in ski centre. Distance - from Prague 260 km, from Brno 180 km, from Olomouc 90 km. 50°7'32.7"N, 17°9'10.3"E The road through saddle Cervenohorske sedlo will be open and maintainet all the winter season.

Equipment and services:
One of the best-known ski centres in North-Moravia. The altitude is 1013 m. This altitude guarantees quality snow conditions from December to end of March. The area is made for better orientation for northern and southern slope. Convenient for beginners and advanced skiers. Ski schools, lending offices of ski equipments, ski service, left-luggages room and sale of ski equipments.

Franchisee: SKIAREAL ČHS, s.r.o.

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