Ski resort Boží Dar

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Location and access
It is a modern ski resort located in Boží Dar in the Ore Mountains. GPS:50.4109697N, 12.9267967E
Equipment and services
The Hranice and Za Prahou ski resorts at Boží Dar have always had the same goal: to give children (and adults) the best possible conditions for their first steps in skiing. So, they simply got together. This gave rise to a NEW SKI RESORT IN BOŽÍ DAR the most famous centre in the Ore Mountains. Its mission is clear – to turn fear and uncertainty into fun that will grab you by the heartstrings and never let go.

You can now enjoy both skiing and snowboarding for a single price covering both resorts. What’s more, we also belong to the Interskiregion Fichtelberg – Klínovec family. A single smart card in your pocket gives you unlimited freedom across the national borders.