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Ski resort Kořenov - Rejdice - SKIREGION.CZ

Kořenov - Rejdice
Skiareál Rejdice 61, 468 48 Příchovice
+420-602 377 428
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Ski-centre on the border between Jizera and Giant mountains. It offers ideal conditions for winter, but also for summer, recreation. The Cottage Panorama offers you stylish accommodation, all day boarding and relax centre.

What is location and accessibility of the resort?

Ski-centre Kořenov (sea level 650-800m) is situated on the border between Jizera and Giant mountains. Well accessible by car (main road Jablonec Nad Nisou-Tanvald-Harrachov), by bus or by train. Distance - from Liberec 30km, from Jablonec nad Nisou 20km, from Harrachov 8km.

What is the equipment and services provided?

Kořenov - Rejdice: Night skiing, U-ramp for snowboardists, double-chair lift POMA, ski lift - ski school (Telemark, Alpinistic skiing). Livery of snow scooters and ski rental shop. The downhill routes are provided by the daily mechanical meintenance and are equipped with artificial snow-making system. Above sea level of downhill routes is 780-850m. SKIREGION.CZ is... more >>

What are the prices for the 2023/2024 season?

The current price list of ski passes for this season can be found HERE >>

What are the opening hours of the resort?

9:00-16:30 and night skiing (18:00-20:00)

What are the cross-country skiing tracks nearby?

Cross-country skiing tracks from Kořenov-Horní Polubný to Jizerka - Jizerská magistrála. Other cross-country skiing tracks are also in Kořenov-Příchovice near the view-tower Štěpánka.

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What are the tourist attractions nearby?

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