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Kořenov - Rejdice - SKIREGION.CZ

Kořenov - Rejdice
Skiareál Rejdice 61, 468 48 Příchovice
+420-602 377 428
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Location and access

Ski-centre Kořenov (sea level 650-800m) is situated on the border between Jizera and Giant mountains. Well accessible by car (main road Jablonec Nad Nisou-Tanvald-Harrachov), by bus or by train. Distance - from Liberec 30km, from Jablonec nad Nisou 20km, from Harrachov 8km.

Equipment and services

Kořenov - Rejdice: Night skiing, U-ramp for snowboardists, double-chair lift POMA, ski lift - ski school (Telemark, Alpinistic skiing). Livery of snow scooters and ski rental shop. The downhill routes are provided by the daily mechanical meintenance and are equipped with artificial snow-making system. Above sea level of downhill routes is 780-850m. SKIREGION.CZ is... more >>

Working Hours

9:00-16:30 and night skiing (18:00-20:00)

Cross-country skiing tracks

Cross-country skiing tracks from Kořenov-Horní Polubný to Jizerka - Jizerská magistrála. Other cross-country skiing tracks are also in Kořenov-Příchovice near the view-tower Štěpánka.

Photos of the object

Information are from: Martin Martínek