Ski centre Sindelna

Ski centre Sindelna

Place:Kouty nad Desnou
Address:Kouty nad Desnou 54, 788 11 Loučná nad Desnou

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Position and access:
Ski resort Sindelna is situated in Kouty nad Desnou at the edge of recreation are Koutecke udoli. There is access from the road Sumperk – Jesenik.

Equipment and services:
The ski resort is out of service this season. It is situated in elevation 650 – 800m above the sea level. The resort offer free parking, ski school, rent of ski, restaurant. All ski slopes are covered with fake snow and are qrooming daily. Blue slope offer daily night skiing from 18:30 – 21:00. Capacity 1700 persons/hour offer great skiing without lines. System DIGI – SKI 200 offer large selections of ski passes.


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