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Žďár Peaks (Žďárské vrchy)

Žďár Peaks (Žďárské vrchy) are located on the east part of Ceskomoravska Vrchovina and its border is qualified by bigger towns as Nove Mesto na Morave, Zdar nad Sazavou, Hlinsko, Policka and Bystrice nad Perstejnem. It is one of the much-sought-for recreation spot in Czech Republic. In 1970 this place has been pronounced as a protected zone. The European watershed flows through between the Black Sea and the North Sea. The main centre is Zdar nad Sazavou, which has a great importance for tourism and for plentiful historical monuments. Devet skal, Tisuvka, Ctyri palica and others, these places are very attractive for climbers. Bathing is very pleasant in the Velke Zdarko pond. Žďár Peaks (Žďárské vrchy) are among all ideal for crosscountry skiing (mainly around Nove Mesto).

List of places

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Recommended routes

From Zdar nad Sazavou to Velke Darko
                    Zdar nad Sazavou -4km- water-reservoir Pilska nadrz -2,5km- Polnicka -3km- water-reservoir Velke Darko -1km- Karlov -5,5km- Radostin -4km- water-reservoir Velke Darko (total 20km)
From Jimramov to water-reservoir Vir
                    Jimramov -4km- Uncin -2km- Dalecin -5km- Vitochov -3km- Karasin -5km- water-reservoir Vir (total 19km)
Around Zdar nad Sazavou
                    Zdar nad Sazavou - Hamry nad Sazavou - Najdek - hill Peperek - pond Rejznarka - Zdar nad Sazavou (total about 18km)
Around Svratka
                    Svratka - hill Devet skal - Krizanky - rock formation Ctyri palice - Karlstejn - Svratka (total about 20km)

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