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West Ore Mountains

The Ore mountains constitute the continuos 130 km long mountain zone, which is a natural boarder between Czech republic and Germany. On the German side the mountains dips slowly to a lowlands. On the Czech side the mountains falls more intensive. The total difference of heights is about 700 m. The Ore mountais are set up of several parts, for example Klínovec mountainous country or Cínovec flat country.

The Ore mountains gives brilant conditions for lovers of winter and summer sports. The most famous centers of recreation are Klínovec, Boží Dar, Jáchymov, Kovářská, Kraslice, Pernink, Abertamy, Cínovec, Telnice and many others.

List of places

Trips to surroundings

Trip to surroundings of Aš
- Kopaniny - Dolní Paseky - Vernéřov - (total about 14km)
Trip to surroundings of Františkovy Lázně
Františkovy Lázně - peat-bog Soos - Vonšov - Františkovy Lázně (total about 18km)
Trip to surroundings of Hazlov
Hazlov - Výhledy - Nebesa - Hazlov (total about 12km)
Trip to surroundings of Kraslice
Kraslice - Bublava - Stříbrná - Nová Ves - Kraslice (total about 17km)
Trip to surroundings of Rotava
Rotava - Šindelová - little chateau Favorit - Rotava (total about 11km)
Trip to surroundings of Oloví
Oloví - Studenec - Peklo - Čtyřdomí - Studenec - Oloví (total about 15km)
Trip to surroundings of Nejdek
Nejdek - Vysoká Pec - Nové Hamry - Tisová - Nejdek (Total about 19km)
Trip to surroundings of Boží Dar
Boží Dar - Klínovec - Jáchymov - Boží Dar (total about 20km)
Trip to surroundings of Pernink
Pernink - Abertamy - Plešivec - Pstruží - Vlčinec - Pernink (total about 20km)

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