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Iron Mountains (Železné hory)

Iron Mountains (Železné hory) are set in the centre of Cesky masiv (the Czech massif). It reaches Chvaleticka pahorkatina (highlands) on the northwest to the Labe valley near Tynec nad Labem, on the northwest reaches the Caslavska kotlina (fold), on the north to Chrudimska tabule (table). The south part concurs to Zdarske vrchy (hills), the southeast to Hornosazavska pahorkatina (highlands). The major fraction is a broken terrain overgrown by pine and mixed wood. The Iron Mountains (Železné hory) Natural Park has been established in 1991. The highest peak, Psava (697m) lies eastward of Hlinsko.

List of places

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Recommended routes

From Tremošnice to Libice nad Doubravou
                    Tremosnice -2km- Hedvikov -3km- Kubikovy Duby -7km- Brezinky -1km- Klokocov -3km- Modletin -3km- Spalava -3km- Lany -2km- Libice nad Doubravou (total 24km)
From Chotebor through valley of Doubrava to Bilek
                    Chotebor -2km- Horni Mlyn -1km- Tocivy vir -1km- Pod sokolohrady -2km- Bilek (total 6km)
Around Nasavrky
                    Nasavrky - Planina - Mezisveti - Hradiste - Krhanka - Peklo - Nasavrky (total about 14km)
Around Tremosnice
                    Tremosnice - Parizov - Bestvina - Zupanda - Kubikovy Duby - Horni Pocatky - Peklo - Tremosnice (total about 18km)

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